Outfit of the Week: Drive

Outfit of the Week: drive

Drive, by Incubus (one of my favorite bands)
When: Friday, my day off!
Where: DMV
Why: to renew my license

GAH!!! Thanks for the bday love yesterday (and the support of BIRTHDAY MONTH, which still didn't happen, but there's always next year!) Thank you! Love, Elle

The time came for my to renew my license. I was initially excited because it will finally have my Atlanta address on it and the license has a new design. Yes, it takes very little to excite this ole gal. Note: using "ole gal" just proves I'm old. I also had a cute outfit, hair, and everything planned. Little did I know "Look here" would result in a camera flash approx. .981239 nanoseconds later, and me still looking for "here." Long story short, the pic was awful enough to make me cry (hormones!) and the license design looks awful--like a fake i.d.! But my outfit, hair & makeup were cute! Until I cried it all off!

Clothes & Accessories:
  • It was initially cold, so over a basic grey tank, I wore this coral cardigan. I never realized how much I wore coral, until looking back through my Polyvore sets.
  • For a pop of color, I added a turquoise necklace. I thought the dash of color would look fab in my license photo, like my old one, but none of my clothes are in the pic! Hmph.
  • Since I had a long drive home ahead of me, I threw on some comfy jeans and boots (later changed to flip flops...in OCTOBER!).
Hair & Beauty:
  • If you read my School ID tutorial, I gave pointers and ideas for that all important picture. I followed my advice and did a neutral, grey smokey eye. It actually looked kinda decent in the photo (as opposed to my chin, which decided to double in the photo). I went heavy on the mascara, to play up my lashes.
  • For hair, I used a 1.5 curling iron and had big bouncy curls.
Have you ever had an ID photo turn out just horribly wrong?
PS: Thanks for your Philly suggestions. Please, keep them coming! I need things to do/places to eat.


  1. Bad ID photos are the worst - it's next to impossible to look good in those!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  2. I didn't know you were going to Philly! I was there two months ago.

    Philly's biggest attraction (beyond cheesesteaks) is its historical sites. Most of them are in the center of town. My favorite, by far, was The National Constitution Center. It has a great presentation.

    In terms of food, I ate at a fabulous place with amazing atmosphere: it used to be a bank with 40-foot ceilings. It's called Union Trust Steakhouse. Pricey but worth it.


  3. I love chic comfy attire! yummy cardi :)

  4. Great outfit! Love the coral cardi w/ a grey tank


  5. You always have the best outfit ideas!! I wish I was as skilled with my hair and make up. Sigh..I'll keep trying!!

    Sorry about your liscense. That stinks that have a bad picture on it. Mine is still from when I was 17 lol.

  6. Loving the outfit!! And UGH!! I hate when that happens...my first drivers license was horrible but I love the one I have now.
    Happy Belated Birthday!!!! :D

  7. Love the outfit- that shot of orange is so refreshing!

  8. aw that sucks about the picture! :/ but hey, at least the outfit was adorable!

    i really liked the picture on my permit...but because there was another problem on it, they made me retake it, which almost no one gets to do. of course, i didn't know i had to so i wasn't ready that day. i look super sleepy in my picture -_-

  9. Great picks! And yes, I absolutely hate taking ID photos.

  10. Oh no! I have a horrible ID picture too. I didn't know I had to take it and long story short I ended up taking it with no makeup, my hair up in a pony, and looking tired. NOT GOOD! Your outfit looks super cute though :)

  11. I HATE taking ID photos. No matter how much I try, they always look like crap. So I stash the ID away never to look at it ever again. and then years later, it looks fine. hahaah
    ♥ laura
    the blog of worldly delights
    enter my Shabby Apple giveaway

  12. I would absolutely wear this outfit. *Love*. You have the best taste.

  13. Happy Birthday Elle! All the best to you in the upcoming year...soo I am curious did you just turn 25 so you are getting a new license?

  14. Love the turqoise! AND HAPPY BIRTHDAY ELLE!

  15. Happy (belated) birthday!! I hope you had a wonderful day! I sure wish I would have looked at your tutorial before I got my passport photo taken the other day--it's horrendous!

  16. Thanks for guest blogging today. You did wonderful.

    True story sometimes I take horrible ID pictures lol


  17. ugh I had to get a new license this year. You can no longer show your teeth on an Iowa ID (is that the same elsewhere???) so I was trying to smile and NOT show my teeth....Let's just say it's not as easy as it sounds and I just look disgruntled in my pic.

  18. my license pic is from when i was 8 months pregnant. the good thing was that when you are pregnant, they move you to the front of the line and that line can get pretty long at the bureau downtown chicago. and even though i am 50lbs heavier in it, i don't mind so much bc it always reminds me of my girl. :)

  19. Ugh I hate bad ID pix! You were looking way cute though I'm sure. The outfit is fab. Love the orange and gray together :) xoxo

  20. Loving the bright cardigan with the necklace - such a happy pair.:D

    I hope you had an amazing birthday!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  21. cute look and i forgot about that song! love it.

  22. Taking ID pix is the worst and as much as I don't want to get "ready" for one, I always do, bc you'll regret going in your scrubs every time you look at the ID. Great choice.

  23. I feel like all my state-issued things are horribly repulsively ugly, just horrible. So you're in good company. I like this driving outfit a lot! Though, I would probably take leggings over jeans because of comfort :) happy, happy belated!!

  24. easy breezy! this is a perfect outfit for a new license pic!!! xoxoxo brynn

  25. I like the boots. (:

  26. Such a fun post Miss Birthday Girl! I hope you had a great one-and I love this outfit you have put together!


    Erin @ http://www.trufflesnruffles.com/

  27. Ooo, love that outfit. The jeans and coral cardi look so pretty.

    Don't worry about the photo. I look like a drug addict in my passport picture and a drug dealer in my Drivers licence picture, hehe. It is impossible to look good in them.

  28. I adore this bright orange top! Great post! :) Love this outfit.

    I would love if you could stop by my blog and check out my JewelMint photo shoot. I would love to know what you think!


  29. I recently had to get a passport and I was SOOOOO worried that I would look horrible in it...I mean a Polaroid pic with no smile just SCREAMS horrible picture. When the girl took my pic ~ I asked...does it look okay...she said "looks great!" I said um...we might have different opinions on "great"...lol. It turned out fine and it was such a relief!!

    ♥ Shia

  30. Love the coral cardi and turqouise necklace together!


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