How To: Hide a Tattoo

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Some of us have tat(s), and some of us don't. Some of us want to hide them on occasion, and some of us don't. If you'd like to hide your tat (or someone else's) then this tutorial is for you--think job interviews or weddings. I've used it to hide scars, zits, and dark circles (& friend's hickeys) as well, so this method can apply to just about anyone. This concealer is thick and it's the only one I've used that really works for this. And as always, it's EASY and CHEAP. Let's get started:
  • Hard Candy's Glamoflauge heavy duty concealer & pencil $6
  • Makeup Sponge
  • Foundation brush 
  • Face powder (optional, just make sure it's non-reflective)

  • Start with clean skin, free of lotions/oil.
  • Choose the correct shade of concealer. The Hard Candy concealer is a perfect dupe for Kat Von D's Tattoo Concealer, but is MUCH cheaper ($6 vs. $25). Hard Candy comes in light, medium, and tan. Light is used in this example.
  • Use pencil to draw over the tat. 
  • Gently blend with sponge or finger.

  •  Using a small amount, dab the concealer over the tattoo with the concealer brush. Blend. You will still see able to see the tattoo in most cases.

  •  Keep applying layers of concealer and blending each time. Remember, you should only be using a small amount of concealer. 

  • It will take most tats at least three layers of concealer to conceal.
  • Apply powder to help set it from smudging.
  • The correct shade of concealer is the key to this how-to.
  • Take your time and blend! In addition to the right shade, blending is essential.
  • Use small amounts of concealer, or it will look cakey.
  • It will take a few coats of concealer, so don't get discouraged!
  • The best makeup method for hiding tats is airbrushing (or using professional theatre makeup)--my method does look like you're wearing makeup, but if you blend it well enough, you can definietly hide and diminish the appearance.
  • You can do this! It took me about 5 minutes for this example, and up to 30 for bigger pieces.


  1. My mom told me that i had really lots of tats when I was a baby. And although I grew up to be very slim, I still have visible tats on my arms. I don´t plan to hide, I love them.

    But I´m sure this tutorial is very helful to those who prefer to hide them. :)

  2. Very cool...I had no idea this could be done, well without some kinda laser surgery...have a great week!!!

    Enter my Shabby Apple Fab Frock Giveaway!!

  3. What a great idea for a post. I never thought of that!! My cousin has an awful tattoo on the back of her shoulder that she's constantly trying to hide. The next time we go somewhere nice I will try this for her!

  4. That's really interesting. I have 7 tattoos myself (quite large ones as well) but I just made sure that I only got them in places that were easily covered so that I could just hide them as desired (for job interviews, etc.) with clothes...

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  5. oh wow!! u did a great job hiding it w/ makeup!

  6. I have none but it's just like hiding your dark spot or pimples! YEAH! xoxo


  7. nice! i have some friends that i can pass this info onto :) xoxoxo brynn

  8. Wow, although I don't have a tatoo, I'm impressed by how naturally it looks when hidden.


  9. Great tips! I'll keep this on file for working with couples and wedding parties who might want to cover their tattoos at a wedding.

  10. this is such a great idea! i have a tattoo on my wrist that i worry about for interviews, but this should do the trick!

  11. I don't have any tattoos but this is such a great tutorial. I`ll have to let one of my friends know!


  12. I don't have a tattoo, but great post!

  13. Oh wow that's great!!! I dont have a tattoo but that would come in handy for some of my friends :)

  14. Wow! Totally invisible. Well done!


  15. First I need a tattoo. :P

  16. Fabulous tutorial! Glad you had fun with the celebrations :)xoxo

  17. This is great, especially since I should cover up my ankle tattoo from time to time!


  18. Where was this tutorial when hickeys were in my life? ;) I keed, I keed...

  19. I don't have any tattoos but this is definitely a great tip because I always thought it'd take FOREVER to cover them. I still remember when hard candy launched...it was $$$$$!

  20. Dang where was this during my pageant days? I tried tons of different actual tattoo concealers and none of worked that well.

  21. I'll be practicing that on the circles beneath my eyes thanks to my job. yikes!

  22. Great tip! We all have areas that could use good concealing for a variety of reasons and this looks like it works really well!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  23. Thumbs up - what a helpful concealer tutorial. I've got a nasty scar on my leg that that may just work for...

  24. that's awesome~!!! I don't have a tattoo but I can appreciate a good makeup job!

  25. Oh wow, great tip! I don't have a tattoo, but this could work for a birthmark or whatever you are trying to cover. I just read on The Cut about that guy who is totally tatooed from head to toe (he was in Gaga's video for Born This Way) and he's now a model for Dermablend makeup. They totally covered his tattoos and he scrubs the make up off. It's rather impressive. This post made me think of this!

  26. Very cool! Now I kinda want to get a tat just to see if I can cover it up! lol ;) Thanks Elle, great tat tut :)


  27. wow that really covers up a tattoo well! good to keep in mind. xx

  28. ah love this one! I always want more tatoos and just figure there will be a chance I would like to cover them - good to know it's so easy and not having to use a bandaid.


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