Cheap Treats: N.Y.C. Bronzer

Each week I'll share a cheap treat (fewer than $10) that I love! Enjoy. Love, Elle

Um, where did September go? It seems like it just flew by! But that's ok because it officially starts my BIRTHDAY MONTH! Note: none of my friends/family have realized that my birthday celebration goes on for an entire MONTH instead of just the 18th. Hmph.

But back to this post. This post is about bronzer. I usually am not a big ole fan of bronzer. It's not because I'm some savvy bronzed-goddess who never needs a glow, oh no. It's because REAL PEOPLE DON'T SPARKLE (only Cullens....and they're practically translucent and um, not people). Nor should they look like they're rolling around in orange Cheetos. Or dirty.

Before I get bronzer compacts thrown at me (I'm horrible at catching anything btw), sparkly bronzer has its time and place--like evenings out or pretending you're at the beach while sitting under a lamp in your apartment (I mean, I'd never do that. Only me losers would make a fake beach, right?). I just want some color, oh about year-round, and I don't want to be all golden...just...tan...natural.

And that's where this week's Cheap Treat comes in:
May I introduce the NYC Color Wheel Mosiac Powder in All Over Bronze Glow? For around $4.99, you get an oil-absorbing, fragrance-free WHEEL.OF.COLOR (I was totally just doing the Wheel of Fortune show opening in my head just then). Wear it alone. Wear it over makeup. Wear a little or build it for more color. Just enjoy the glow. And no sparkles. ;)

{Taken in my boudoir, aka my bathroom}

What Cheap Treats are you loving? What should I try out next?


  1. I love NYC. I'm a fan of their 99 cent eyeliners and lipliners.

  2. Thanks for the review! Nivea lip balm is my cheap treat lately - it works pretty well and I don't see a need for kiehls or other pricier brands!

    Chic 'n Cheap Living

  3. Have you checked out Salma Hayek's new line yet? I am currently obsessed with her lipstick in Paprika. I found it at the local drugstore. There is lots more of her stuff that I want to try.


    P.S. Happy birthday month!

  4. I don't have any current cheap tricks I'm trying, but if you can find me a cheap concealer that works great, you'll be my new best friend! lol

    Thanks for visiting my blog, come back soon! :o)



  5. You know what, when I run out of my Bronzer now I'm going to take you up on this recommendation! I'm always looking for working bronzers and it's that much better when cheap ones are recommended! :)

  6. Ooh it sounds fab! Must try it!


  7. This looks like such a fun product! I love mosaic-style powders.
    xo Josie

  8. Happy Birthday month! This product looks like it is worth a try. I'm not usually a "bronzer" though.

  9. Never heard of it, I'll have to give it a try!

  10. Happy birthday month! I love NYC eyeliners - good quality, good price, lots of colors.

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. I love birthday months! I have never seen this bronzer...thanks for the tip!

  12. I've never used bronzer before...I don't really know how to use much makeup...its sad XD
    and woohoo birthday month! Mine is the week before yours :)

  13. That face powder looks very good! I will have to give it a try :)

  14. I love cheap nail polish. Absolutely LOVE. I get a new one about once every two weeks, and I don't feel bad about it because it's only $2.00.


    The Cat's Meow
    LIFE.LOVE.FASHION::mixed purrrfectly::

  15. I recently purchased this in an act of disloyalty against my Neutrogena bronzer. While the color and coverage was great (I'm a fan of the glittery finish it leaves), it left me with 100000 zits! I have very sensitive skin. I quickly switched back to the more expenisve brand :(

  16. Ooh great makeup tip. NYC is always a good reliable brand.

  17. I love bronzer, but you're right--it's tough to find ones that aren't orange or sparkly! I do like a little glow to mine, and have been using a Smashbox bronzer lately. My favorite budget makeup is L'oreal's Carbon Black Voluminous mascara and Cover Girl's Lipslicks.

  18. Happy birthday month! I, too, like celebrating my MONTH not just DAY of birth! :)

    I love NYC cosmetics since they're cheap and really deliver for the price!
    ♥ laura

    the blog of worldly delights

  19. love this! i'm far too pale to really use bronzer, but i may have to give it another try!

  20. I love ELF make up. Some of their stuff is only a dollar.

  21. You have to try E.L.F.'s All over color stick. They sell it at Target and it's only $1.00. This stuff is fabulous, cheap, and gives me the best sun-kissed glow.

  22. I wish we had this brand in Bulgaria :)



  23. i definitely need bronzer, but i haven't tried this!

  24. It's my birthday month too!! The 17th, to be exact! :)

  25. Elle,

    I usually don't wear bronzer but I would love to try it one day, and I don't have any cheap tricks although I could def use more.

    Happy birthday month I can't wait to see how you celebrate it :)


  26. I wear bronzer pretty much every single day but with absolutely NO SPARKLE!!! I'm crazy vigilant about that. It's like who sparkles on their face? Especially during the day. It's weird! :)

    Oh and yes, we have a lot in common, my fellow beauty junkie :) xoxo

  27. I have to rely on my girls to help me find good cheap treats .. they're great treasure hunters! Thanks for this one :)

  28. Thanks for sharing. Great cheap treat!


  29. Oh I need to try that! The bronzer I have right now is too glitterish for winter.

  30. I loved your sparkles comments--too funny :) I've got to try this bronzer--I love that it's not too overpowering. With my fair skin, it's easy for a bronzer to make me look unnatural.

  31. Ive never used bronzer in my life! I do love that youll be sharing cheap treats for us who suffer from beauty product ignorance! Maybe i'll try this since it's not expensive. I love their lipsticks :)

  32. I should try this, when my clinique bronzer runs out, I'll swap it because I like these multi-colours. I am curious for you to try the Loreal Infallible lipstick, I am wearing it today in my post and would like to hear another person's review.

  33. i need to get another one of these... mine is all dust and spills all over the place!

  34. that bronzer looks cool!


  35. i totally believe in the birth MONTH...all about it! so happy birth month to you :) and thanks for this cheap treat! xoxoxo brynn

  36. Bronzer is always a must in my beauty book- a subtle (fake) glow is worth a thousand words!! Rimmel London and Palladio's mosaic bronzer are great cheapies. Other cheap treats I am loving- Sonia Kashuk blushes and brushes from Target- ah-mazing!

    Looove your blog and witty sense of humor, I would love a follow if you get a chance to check mine out- I'm a fellow GA girl/mommy with a makeup problem http://www.jennysuemakeup.com

  37. bronzer is a beauty must for this mama- a good (fake) subtle tan helps me tackle the day. i love rimmel london and palladio mosaic bronzers, both cheapies. other cheapies i'm loving- sonia kashuk blushes and cover girl lash blast volume mascara.

    looove your blog and witty humor- all of your posts make me laugh in some way! i would love for you to check out my mommy with a makeup problem blog...http://www.jennysuemakeup.com


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