Atlanta Spotlight: Puddle of Pooch!

{Charlie Brown, aka The World's Cutest Dog}
I never thought I’d become an animal person, but all of that changed when I became an owner of Charlie (and it was serendipitously on my birthday, too!). I understood what people meant when they said that their dogs are their kids. So when it came time to find a place to groom, board Charlie and send him for Doggie Day Care, I did my research. I found Puddle of Pooch and could never go anywhere else! Puddle of Pooch came highly recommended and had great reviews. Here’s why:
{Charlie doing what he does best...snuggling}

The Services—Not only does Puddle of Pooch offer Doggie Day Care, but also grooming and boarding. When Charlie comes home from grooming, he always has a little bandana on that goes along with the seasons…too cute! I’ve also boarded him there before. I was very nervous, but my fears were assuaged when I took a tour of the facility. If a place won’t let or allow tours, get out!
{Car Ride}
The Size—I wanted a place that wasn’t too large, as in I didn’t want Charlie to be one of hundreds of dogs, lost in the shuffle. Puddle of Pooch is just right. It is privately-owned and isn’t a chain. There is plenty of room inside and out for the dogs to run and play.
{Enjoying a -safe- ride around the 'hood}

Safety—Next on my list is safety. At Puddle of Pooch, the dogs are safe from escaping and are constantly monitored and played with. There’s a buzzer system to get into the building. The owners live on site too!
{Unhappy bumblebee}
The Staff—The staff is the number one reason Charlie goes to Puddle of Pooch. Owner Erika LOVES her job and loves the animals. It was evident from the first time I met her—her enthusiasm is contagious. If I tell Charlie he’s going to Day Care or to see Miss Erika, he immediately runs to the door and wags his tail.
I’ve heard and read horror stories of animal abuse and neglect from Doggie Daycare/grooming/boarding. My mind is at ease when my pup is at POP. I know he’s not stuck in a cage all day, but is instead lovingly taken care of. And he’s exhausted when he comes home from all the playing!
{Seriously? Another Outfit?}
Price—The prices for grooming, boarding, and Doggie Day Care are comparable with other places in town. I like how Puddle of Pooch gives charges by breed for grooming, instead of a flat rate (my dog is small and doesn’t require as much grooming as some other breeds). They also offer discounts for coming additional days for Doggie Day Care.

I’ve given you my reasons for why I’m crazy about Puddle of Pooch. Go check ‘em out and tell them Elle Sees sent ya!


  1. Congratulations on being a dog owner. Charlie is a lucky pup! So what will Charlie be for Halloween? Pictures please. Glad you found a great place for grooming, boarding and day care. So important for peace of mind.
    Have fun. XXOO

  2. awww Charlie is so precious! What a little angel. I am glad you found a wonderful place where you can feel secure leaving him when you are away.

  3. charlie is SOOO cute~!!!

  4. Oh, he's a cutie!! He's got such a sweet little face. You're right, he and my little Flynn look alike. Thanks - I think you may have helped solve the mystery of what kind of mix he is!

    ~ Angela


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