Wanderlust Week: What to Pack

I'm always, always asked what to pack when traveling. I thought I'd share an actual packing list and many links, so there should be a little something for everyone! Enjoy.

Everything You Need for a Warm-Weather Three-Day Getaway

The Basics
3 pairs of socks
4 pairs of undies
2 bras
The Pieces
1 white button-up (“You can wear it long over jean shorts, as a bathing suit cover, or tied over your shorts or chinos.”)
2 tank tops
2 tees
1 pair of chinos
1 pair of skinny jeans
1 pair of denim cutoffs
1 pair of shorts (cotton or linen)
1 long dress
1 skirt
1 short dress
1 jacket
1 long cardigan
1 pair of sandals or espadrilles
1 pair of ballet flats
1 pair of nude heels (“They go with everything and make your legs look crazy long.”)
The Extras 
1 straw hat
1 pair of sunglasses
1 scarf
1 pair of stud earrings
1 pair of gold hoops
The Beauty
1 toiletry bag
Facial cleansing pads
Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen
Lip balm
Blemish treatment
Toothbrush and toothpaste
Body lotion
Hair bands
1 scrunchie
1 headband
Shampoo and conditioner
The Baggage 
1 day bag
1 nighttime clutch
1 large carryall
1 carry-on trolley (“I like to check my wheely bag and carry on the carryall — it’s faster to get through security this way, and the tote can double as a beach or grocery bag when you finally get where you’re going.”)
The Day Of
“The goal is to be comfy whilst looking put together and not bringing more stuff and getting through security fast — i.e., no belts, jewelry, or complicated shoes. I usually wear Raven skinny cargos for comfort, a nice (read: not sloppy) tee, and a cashmere sweater. I wear laceless 
Keds, so they’re easy to slip off at security. But you can still wear little hidden socks.”
--via Daily Candy


  1. Perfect timing, I´m going to Biarritz, France next week. I think I´ll print this page ;) Thank you!

    xo Doro

  2. Great list! I'm taking a vacation/cruise in October and I'm already starting to make plans what to bring with me. Minimal packing this time around :)

  3. Perfect items for a little getaway! :)

  4. Great post! This will come in handy when I'm packing for a trip to CA in September!

  5. I always print out a big list like this when I'm packing:-) Especially these days, when they charge you an arm and a leg for every bag: gotta be efficient! xoxo

  6. I just love this! It seems like every time I pack I always look up tips because I always over pack.
    Something new that I have been trying when I leave town is knowing I can just pick it up when I'm out of town. I'm not going to place where they don't have tooth brushes. lol

  7. Fabulous list! I'm always on the go and I wholeheartedly agree with all of these items :)

  8. Wow, going through your list made me realize how many things women must pack for trips. hehe... i like the Real Simple list too, thanks for sharing. Your blog is so cute.


  9. Sounds like quite the list.
    Something to keep in mind for traveling, normally I just toss everything that looks important into a suitcase last minute :D

  10. Good post Elle you really thought of everything this is very helpful!!


  11. WOW!! I'm pretty much going to steal this for my check-off list for the beach next weekend! Thanks! ;)

  12. I am always overpacking for everything. This is a nice list. I hope you do one for winter travel too (cause that stuff is bulky and hard to pack).

    P.S.I am from South Florida (around Ft. Lauderdale)


  13. What great packing tips! Now if you could only suggest a way to avoid that $25 bag checking fee. :)


  14. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by. Was perusing your blog when I linked to this post from your Best of Elle Sees post. Love this list, and am keeping it handy for my next trip! Happy New Year!


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