Outfit of the Week: Summer Simple

Outfit of the Week: Summer Simple

I’ve Got a Feeling by Ivy. This album (Apartment Life) from the late 90s is so under appreciated. It’s the perfect thing to put on a dreamy weekend morning when you’re cleaning (do you do that too?) or need something mellow. In fact, the album cover, featuring Parisian lead singer Dominque Durand, helped influence this outfit.
When: Sunday--shopping, hanging out w.loved ones
Where: West Virginia
My travel bug was itching to have one last summer trip, and luckily I had this week off from work. I’ve been in West Virginia visiting friends (hi Leigh, Rocco, Dake & Simon). I wanted an outfit that was simple, comfy, and casual (That pretty much sums up every outfit I post on here, eh?) And I wanted something other than shorts (that’ll be next week I bet). This is an outfit that you don’t have to think about; just put it on and go. A maxi skirt+ tank combo transitions easily from hot summer days to cooler West Virginia nights (just add an unbuttoned shirt over the tank). Click the pic for more info!
  • Here’s some advice from your Auntie Elle: Get a stretchy, comfy tank. Go a size up to make it extra blousy. This grey tank fits the bill.
  • I admit I was late to the maxi skirt bandwagon. I’m 5’5 on a good day, and was afraid I’d get swallowed up with the long skirt & fabric. Mine is a jersey knit and so comfortable. Buy more than one in different colors.
  • I added a brown belt to the skirt and my favorite studded sandals from Forever 21. $12.80 and they never hurt my fickle feet.
  • More advice, you say? Take "2 day hair" and make into a loose ponytail. Put some color into this neutral outfit with a pink polish and gloss. Add a necklace or bracelets and you’re good to go.
What’s your Summer Simple outfit? Do record covers influence your outfits? Does that make me sound old? Are my inspirations bizarre? Discuss in the comments.


  1. Great outfit and board. I love that tank.

  2. have fun in WV!
    i personally haven't tried the maxi skirt thing, it reminds me of maxi dresses and i'm not a huge fan of those either. but i like how it's paired with the brown belt, the whole outfit is really cute!

  3. Hi There! Thank you for stopping by Bravoe Runway! Absolutely love these summer picks, and the maxi skirt/dress is great trend! I am huge fan of Forever 21 for accessories!

  4. Love this summery look! I would totally wear this!



  5. love this look. cool yet comfy :)

  6. I want each and every piece! Love the skirt!

  7. The sandals and maxi skirt are perfect! :-)

  8. I'm on a maxi skirt kick right now, too. Actually, today's blog post is about maxi skirts for the fall. Haha, great minds. :)


  9. Anything that is maxi dress like is my favorite this season!!!

  10. Love this look :)



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