Back to School Week: First Day of School

back to school: first day

Did you spend hours picking out the perfect outfit to wear the first day of school? Or did you just throw something on? I would spend hours! One year, I even did a trial run, complete with hair and makeup. I might've been a little crazy. And it seems that craziness has carried over onto this week! I wanted to post a cute outfit that (a) could be worn the first day of school (b) is versatile AND adaptable--like this can be worn to work or adapted according to the weather (c) is inexpensive (d) is basic that could be dressed up or down. Hopefully, I addressed all of those issues. Let's see what I came up with:

  • I started off with this pink ruffled tank. It's cute and girly. $15
  • Even though it's hot outside, classrooms can be cold inside, so I added a black cardi. Too hot? Add a short sleeve cardi or long/short sleeve button up instead.
  • Add some black skinnies and you have a basic outfit.
  • To place some color and interest, I opted for a turquoise necklace (only $3!) and these cute sandals.
  • I'm not suggesting hair styles this week, not eyeshadow. Instead, I suggest a bright lip and long lashes. Normally I'm totally drugstore with mascara, but I splurged on Benefit's They're Real mascara and I love it!
Did you spend hours picking out outfits? Spill your fave Back to School or Work outfit in the comments! 


  1. Fun outfit!! I would definitely spend A LOT of time picking out my first day of school outfit! Its all about the first impression! :)

  2. The first day outfit was oh-so-crucial! I used to spend hours, too.

    My friend's first grade niece just had a crying fit after her first day of school...because she couldn't pick out an outfit for the second day. "It's just as important!!!" she wailed. Uhm yeah, she'll be a fun teenager...!

    I love the turquoise necklace you included! I am so bad at mixing colors. It only recently occurred to me that a color wheel should probably be my best friend in the whole world and THAT'S how people color-block! ...I am slow with things that do not match.

    I've thought about purchasing They're Real for myself! I can't decide if I should try that for get the full size Buxom mascara I love so much. Decisions, decisions :)

  3. Love this look, especially the tank!


  4. This look is absolutely perfect for back to school! I love it! :)

    xo, gina

  5. Hahaha, cracking up at the "trial run". Love it!

  6. I remember agonizing over my first day of school outfit :) the long cardi is perfect, cozy and perfect layering piecing for when you're moving between classrooms (that could be either hotter or colder).

  7. I've been meaning to try that mascara! Now I will have to!

  8. I like your outfit, especially paired with those delicate little black sandals!

    xo mary jo

  9. This is a really great outfit! I love that tank. I'm nervous for Monday because it's my first day of work and I haven't had a true "first day" in 3 years...scary!! This is a good outfit to have for the first day of school!

  10. This outfit is cute for the first day of school!


  11. i love the outfit. and that necklace is such a steal for only three dollars!

    and i admit, this year i did a trial run like you. i didn't do full on hair and makeup, but i did try on all my stuff to make sure i was satisfied with it haha.

  12. This is a great outfit. I remember how carefully I would plan my back to school outfits back in the day.


  13. Great picks, but I can't believe it's back to school time already. Ugh! I don't want summer to end!

  14. The tank makes this look so much better. Fab shade of tangerine

  15. what a fun outfit!! love that it is fashionable and functional... i hate when you can't ever predict how hot or cold a place is going to be, then you get stuck there all day either sweating or freezing your butt off!! the pretty ruffled shirt will look great with the punchy blue necklace... love it!! <3shelby


  16. One couldn't help but feel energized by that pretty pink hue!


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