August Lust List

August Lust List

Is it really August? Is it really? Where did the summer go? And why is my lil sis starting school today? Is she really? Ok, enough of the random questions...let's get to the lil things that I'm lusting after this month. Oh, and how are you?

  • Freezer Jewel Pops--aka the BEST THING EVER. It's like a Ring Pop but it's a Popsicle. Need. Want. Now.
  • Lush Curly Wurly Shampoo--I should just put about everything of theirs on my Lust List. But instead, I will lust after this. Sure, my hair is frizzy wavy and not curly, but this stuff keeps hair frizz-free. And smells delish.
  • Lamp--Inspired by a Ring Pop (sensing a theme!). Nothing in my house is pink, but I need this. Comes in ruffle panty blue too (see color below).
2nd ROW
  • Urban Outfitter Ruffle Hipster--Cute ruffly panties! In a fun color! But more importantly, does it feel weird/puffy booty when you sit down? Hmm.
  • Double Dot Mini Cooler by Pbteen--Yes, I have a real fridge. But...I don't have one in my bedroom! What if I get thirsty and am in need of a frosty bev? Ta da! 
  • Cheri Pendant Light--I'm a total chandelier slut. I currently own zero but lust after them all. Even this one.
3rd ROW
  • Urban Outfitters Love Bunnies Ring Holder--Confession: I rarely wear rings...I quit a few years ago after suffering from hives. The rings had nothing to do with it but because I'm a paranoid soul, I stopped. That didn't stop my love for rings and lil ring holders. Bonus: they're bunnies. In love.
  • Philosophy Color of Grace Face Brush--"It's just a brush," you say. "But it's pink!" I say. And then we became bffs. The End.
  • Raw Diamonds Breakfast Bowl--You can't tell in the pic, but the outside is diamond-textured & not smooth. Plus the inside has lovely, girly Elle-colors. I want some cereal.
What are you lusting after this month?


  1. Elle, I have naturally wavey hair like you. Every day I have to make the choice between embracing the wave (lots of product) or straightening it (lots of product). Or else, it is frizz city!

    I love the bunny ring holder from UO. I have the elephant ring holder from UO, and it is so adorable (and well priced).


  2. It's amazing to think that the summer is almost done :( It's not over yet and I'm already getting the summer blues. Oh well, looking forward to enjoying every last minute of it!

  3. I am in love with everything on this list! Also, I love that you call yourself a chandelier slut-I am the exact same way. :)

  4. Looove all of it! Especially the freezer jewel pops and that mini fridge!

  5. Elle I am just in love with those bunnies! I need them in my life now! thank you for that :)

  6. Just stumbled on your blog and lovin it. Great layoutdefinately following

  7. I love that lamp. So cool and chic!

  8. That bunny rabbit ring holder is killing me - so cute!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. tgat pendent light is too cool!

  10. Thank you so much for your comment!
    Aww, the bunnies are lovely! ^^

  11. Those popsicle molds are fabulous!


  12. I absolutely am obsessed with Lush products - I think they're incredible!
    Omg, those adorable panties are to die for. I love the ruffles - but they're probably not super practical!
    Everything you featured is seriously amazing -- you're now having me obsess over things I never knew I wanted!

  13. Fantastic lust list! Love the bowls and the bunny ring holder!

  14. That love bunny ring holder is uber cute!



  15. Its august already! :(
    one more month and I start school :(


  16. I'm dying for a ring popsicle right now!

    And I thought that hair shampoo was sorbet and now I'm even hungrier.

  17. Freezer jewel pops. Love tha idea. I'm lusting after some Fall items like a shearling jacket

  18. These are cute finds! Thanks for sharing :)


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