12 Months of Resolutions: August (& July Revisited)

If you recall in February, I decided to give up Diet Coke. And if you recall it was a complete failure. For August, I am once again, giving up Diet Coke for a month. I know it’s not the healthiest thing for me to put into my body. It’s also been the one resolution I didn’t complete that really bothered me. I apologize in advance for grumpiness and complaining of headaches. I’m currently on Day 2. Wish me luck!

For July, I decided to give up cussing. Now, I’m not a potty mouth at all. In fact, my parents have only heard me cuss twice in my entire life…I’m not exaggerating (feel free to roll your eyes). I can count on one hand the times I’ve cussed in front of my younger siblings. While nearly everyone I know cusses like a sailor, it’s just never been my thing.  However, I’m no prude and consider myself rather liberal, although most assume the opposite. I just use other words instead of the “f word” to pepper my conversation. In fact, my biggest pet peeve is when people cuss loudly in front of children, like at a family restaurant. Is that weird? I just consider it crass and bad manners; I get so embarrassed when my friends do this (Elizabeth, I’m totally calling you out passive-aggressive-style because I know you’ve never read my blog. Ha!). How did I do?

Grade: F….for failure

Notes: I thought this would be easy-peasy. H-no! I think because I wasn’t allowed to cuss at all, that I just had to. Kind of like when someone tells you not to touch something or to not press the button—you’ve got to do it because they said no! All of those years of repressed cursing kinda came out in July. At first, cuss words came out in abbreviations or letters—like wtf or oh, S! And then I failed by cussing in other languages (minor in linguistics, only so I can cuss in a few languages…kidding). And that trickled into the real thing and even on my Twitter (gasp, horror, oh S!). I never became a full-out sailor, mateys.

Would I Do This Again? F-yeah! Actually, no, because it’s just not going to happen. I’m glad I tried though.

Could you give up cussing for a month? Do you make sailors blush when you speak?
I'm doing a different resolution each month in the hopes that they'll stick around. Read past resolutions here.


  1. I gave it up for Lent once and it was crazy-hard! I eventually got used to it, though, and cut way back. It's an admirable goal, though!
    xo Josie

  2. Haha that's a good resolution, I don't think I could do that either. Good job for trying though :)

  3. I had this phase when I was in college where I cussed like a sailor...not anymore. I do curse from time to time, but it's mostly around my husband. Not in a bad way, but he seems to cuss like a sailor, so I guess it's contagious!

  4. I don't have a massive potty moth, but I don't think I could give up cussing.
    Good luck giving up diet coke. I recently gave up regular coke, so it is possible!

  5. i think i could do it if i had to... i always had an on/off switch growing up because i wasn't even allowed to say "butt" in front of my mom. it was good practice for when i grew up :)

  6. oh I totally failed at my july monthly goals. I have a total potty mouth and should try to give up swearing but could probably never do it!

  7. i'm not sure how much i cuss, because i do it differently around certain people. never around my parents, not that much around my boyfriend and best friend, but certain friends who curse a lot bring it out in me. i'm kind of impressionable like that :p

    good try though, i'm sure you'll nail next month's! :)

  8. Interesting to give up cussing. Although I do not cuss much at all(there's just far too many other great words to use), But sometimes there really isn't anything else to sum up something better than a good cuss word, haha! All jokes aside, I think for me it depends on the setting I'm in, i.e., when visiting my parents out of respect I don't cuss around them.

  9. Interesting, I actually don't cuss much at all, (far too many other great words to use) Although, sometimes there may be cases when a good curse word sums it up! haha! However, out of respect when I see my parents I don't cuss at all.

  10. That's such a hard one to give up! We all do it so unconsciously. I know I do. My boss is a Southerner, and I absolutely love some of the phrases she comes up with to avoid swearing. I wish I could think of them off the top of my head... I'll have to get back to you. :)

  11. Wow, tough challenge!

    Looks like you're having a busy, good summer. I'm catching up on all your posts now. Thanks again for guest posting for me while I was away - loved your polyvore set.

  12. Ugh, I'm so trashy and hate to admit this - but I have such a terrible mouth. I think I picked it up from my dad, because he's awful with it, but my mom is like, a saint. We are the bane of her existence since most conversations in my household are peppered with the f-word, or my dad complaining about his ahole coworker. I have tried to scale it back, and luckily I'm able to filter myself! Good for you for not being a big swear-er to begin with, and for attempting to give it up completely!
    Also, kudos to you to try to give up Diet Coke. I have a firm, firm addiction to it that is maybe never going to be resolved ;)

  13. In order to give up Diet Coke, my boyfriend only bought regular Coke. This way, the guilt of drinking normal soda made him drink less in general.

    Willpower is an odd thing.

  14. good job trying! haha I think I could give it up because I don't cuss much, but maybe I would fall into the same trap as you :)


  15. The first few days are the hardest! Good luck chica!


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