DIY: Quick & Easy Frame

I’ve been in my apartment for two years now and left most of my room undecorated, focusing on the rest of the place instead. I needed something to hang over my bed and have been intrigued by antique mirrors, like these:

But the prices are just not within my budget. And while in Ikea, I spotted this lightweight frame ($29) and bought it for a quick DIY. This was so simple and was just the thing I needed above my bed. While I like it as a frame, I could always buy or spray a faux mirror later on.
Skill Level: Beginner
Time: 5 minutes +15 minutes drying time
Spray paint
Backdrop for spray painting
I removed the glass from the frame and simply sprayed one coat. It was dry within 15 minutes.
I reattached the glass & hung on the wall. Easy, peasy. I love how the muddled silver and swirls are echoed in my purple & silver bedspread. The frame also compliments my photos from Paris in their silver frames.
Do you DIY?

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  1. What a fab DIY! That frame is absolutely gorgeous!
    xo Josie

  2. nice! you should def put a mirror in :)

  3. It looks great!! Actually, I'm a fan without the mirror. IT looks more interesting that way :)

  4. Great DIY and I love the fact that it's simple. When they get more complicated, I tend to let them sit around for awhile. It looks great in your bedroom!

    xo Mary Jo

  5. This is so great! I love antique mirrors as well and this just turned out great!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  6. Upcycling mirrors is one pf my favorite diys. It's so easy, the options are endless, and you can buy giant ones at thrift stores that are so inexpensive!

  7. Easy and cute DIY! You could get a wooden letter (like E for Elle) and show it like a monogran. I think it'd be cute!

  8. Dude that looks awesome and easy. Perfect combo! :)

  9. Mirrors are the best, and mirror makeovers are even better! Looks great! xo

  10. Ikea and craigslist, man. It's the way to go. I got a LARGE mirror for my vanity from craigslist, for $15. Really can't beat that!

  11. Just found your blog
    love it

    Check out my new post: Red Lips
    Would love to have you as a follower

  12. I know exactly what you mean!!! These are lovely... you should definitely treat yourself! :)

  13. i love that you posted this as a DIY because i have been searching for a mirror to do this with for my new bedroom for weeks - was a little scared bc i make a mess so easily but if its that easy i must go for it - mirror looks amazing xx

  14. wow that is so so cute!!!!!! I totally want to do this now! gosh, I love IKEA :)

    Notes She Wrote

  15. I live in earthquake territory....no mirrors over the bed! It looks great, would love to do the same in my bedroom.

  16. Great DIY and even better bargain. Matches the bed perfectly. I've done a few DIY, but have been getting a little bit more into it.

  17. Wow that's a great DIY idea! Loove it :)
    & to answer your question: the MAC pro longwear concealer was about $16, but if you get it make sure to ask the counter for some sample containers so you don't waste product :)

  18. Great idea! I don't have an actual headboard and I'm always switching up my bedroom. I will have to save this for the next time I feel the need for something different.

  19. What a great idea!! Looks great! Vintage and glamorous!

  20. awesome! I love how this turned out.

  21. i can't DIY to save my life, but that is sooo cute. i absolutely love it. all that antique kind of stuff never fails to get me excited.


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