Summer Week! A Month of Hair Masques: Beer

month of masques: beer

Summer heat is known to sizzle hair, so for one month I’m trying a different homemade hair masque. Each week I’ll post the ingredients, method, and results!

So last week’s masque was all about moisturizing. This week I wanted to focus on making my hair shiny, so this week isn't really a masque. I scoured the Internet for something different and came up with beer. I recall my Grandmother using this before in the 80s, but I never knew why. The “recipe” didn’t specify what brand of beer to use, or if cheap vs. pricey was a factor. Since I don’t drink beer, I hit up a friend who does. 
  • I poured a can into a spray bottle and added a little warm water
  • Then, I spritzed it on my dry hair
  • I pinned up my hair and left it on for about 30 minutes
  • Then, I rinsed it out. According to the directions, you aren’t supposed to shampoo. Maybe because I’d been smelling beer for half an hour, but I was convinced my hair smelled, so I shampooed/conditioned as normal.

Did it work? My hair did look shinier, but not sure I’d use this method again, as I already use other methods. Beer drinkers, have at it!

Would you use this hair masque?


  1. I do drink beer and I don't think I would do it. I wouldn't want to smell beer in my hair. Good to know all those times I got beer in my hair was actually helping it though.. ha!

  2. I heard of this before and have mixed feelings about it. It's quite an easy way to make your hair shine and all, but the smell is really one thing I would not tolerate on me. Haha! Literally. :(

    Thanks for sharing though. :)
    I may try it at some point, just to see if it really is that bothersome.

  3. Woooooooooooooooooo! I'm making it!

  4. With beer on the high end over here I think I should possibly skip this one, huh?

  5. no way!!! I would have never thought beer makes hair shiny. Now I'll feel better when someone spills on me at frat parties!

  6. No way! So funny!
    My mom swears but diluted apple cider vinegar. I think it does the same thing.

  7. Yeah, no way I wouldn't have washed my hair after too. It is an interesting hair treatment though.

  8. I've heard about using beer as a hair treatment before, but I'm definitely too afraid to try it!


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