12 Months of Resolutions: June (& May Revisited)

Every month I’m doing a different resolution in the hopes that the resolutions will stick year-round (as opposed drunken resolutions made on NYE). See past resolutions here.

For May, I resolved to clean out my closet. Clothes from my former job as well as winter clothes were wasting valuable space. At first the task seemed daunting, but I came up with a plan. I would make three piles: donate, trash, and store. Obviously the remaining clothes would stay in the closet.
I love donating to Goodwill (and shopping there too—check out THIS outfit), so this pile became full fast. I took one pair out and made some cut off shorts with them--that's about as handy as I get in the clothes DIY dept. Expect to see them in an outfit post soon. Next, I had a few items, like a lonely Old Navy flip flop, that just had to be trashed. Finally, I went through my winter clothes as well as my old job clothes for items that I wanted to keep. Since space is an issue, I decided to try the Space Saver bags. I picked mine up at Bed, Bath, and Beyond for cheap (I had a coupon too!).


WOULD I DO THIS AGAIN? Heck yeah. I need to do this twice a year and it wouldn’t take as long.

NOTES: Having a plan helped. While it took me a weekend afternoon, this project could be spred out—like maybe one day you just get rid of clothes, the next weekend spend a day on just donations, etc.

For June, I am resolving to go on a SHOPPING HIATUS! This includes all clothes, shoes, and accessories. Will I make it? We’ll find out next month...er, next week!


  1. thats great that you revisit your resolutions...i neeeed to do that! i know i havent been keeping a few. xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  2. that's such a great idea to clean out your closet once in awhile!!!

  3. Sweetie.. I just got done with my Monthly Hiatus.. Week one you will feel good, week two you'll feel acomplished, week three you will hate your life and week four you'll start biting your nails..

    Good luck, I hated mine lol. I'm too much of a girly girl to go without... I think my next Hiatus will be titled "Do I really need it"...because sometimes things come up you need an outfit for vs. just buying to buy...

  4. I am definitely one of those types of people. I donate my clothing and other things to Goodwill about 4 times a year. Not only does it get rid of stuff you don't really use, but it makes you feel so good doing something great for others :)

    xo katie elizabeth

  5. I love a good closet-cleaning. I do it twice a year, typically when I switching out my winter wardrobe for my spring and summer clothing.


  6. Thanks for your comment :)

  7. OoO I guess it’s a pretty good idea to set a time for closet cleaning.. I have clothes from WAAAYY back.. i think i’m really bad at letting go of things =(

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    ♔ xoxo HitomiNeko xoxo ♔


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  8. I should definitely clean out my closet more often!

  9. Um ... I need to do this. Like, for real. My closet is literally overflowing, and it would be great to have some real space in there again. I forgot what it is like.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I love cleaning out my closet - it just feels so cathartic and taking the donation bags into Goodwill gives me the perfect excuse to stick around and do a little thrifting!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  11. Oooh yes, closet cleanouts are always a good thing!!
    And only a few hours left of June!! haha :D :D

  12. I'd love to go on a haitus too but it's winter and I need another coat, pair of boots, gloves, jacket etc, etc. You get the picture!

  13. I need to do this big time! My closet is bursting at the seams :)

  14. Bravo, lady! You deserve major props for finishing up May and I can't believe you did a shopping hiatus in June!
    xo Josie

  15. goood luck on your shopping hiatus!!! and i was just reading your last post and you have comments disabled, fyi :) your blog is looking good!

  16. Great job going through your closet. Sorting clothes isn't fun, but it needs to be done ever so often. Just wanted to say we're glad Space Bag was able to help store the off-season clothing and organize your closet. Feel free to share your story on Space Bag's online community - Space Savers. Space Savers is dedicated to helping people solve their storage problems and organize their belongings. Visit www.SpaceSaversCommunity.com to check it out.

    Best wishes,
    Space Savers community correspondent

  17. My mom took the same approach this year. My list was pretty broad, so I- for the first time- feel like I've been able to maintain focus, & accomplish goals- but if it was a more specific list, I think I'd try this. (maybe next year!)


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