Monthly Makeup: April Eyes

April Eyes

I though I'd share some monthly inspiration when it comes to eye makeup. Eye shadow looks so intimidating when all it takes is practice. For April, I'm feeling the pink of cherry blossoms with this basic pink smokey eye. The brand or names of the eye shadows don't matter--these are just for visual reference. Here's how to create the look yourself:

  • Take your lightest shade and sweep under eyebrows to highlight. I also put a tiny dab in the corner of my eyes.
  • Next, I put the pink base on my lid.
  • Brush the light brown color on the outter half of your lid. Blend with your base so the color change from pink to brown is seamless.
  • Add the chocolate brown to your crease. Blend.
  • Use a brown liner to enhance the look.
  • Finish with mascara.
Below is inspiration for the finished look. Pic via here.


  1. that is so pretty! i am going to attempt to do this. i say attempt because i always miss stuff like this up :(

  2. I bought a 4 in one eyeshadow palette ( i forgot the maker, but I'm sure I found it at the drugstore) with the same color scheme and it's labeled! Help me out a lot to get the smoky eye right!

  3. I really like this, Elle. It says Spring, but in a subtle and sophisticated way. I'll be giving it a go.

  4. Love these colors! I have similar ones in a Two-Faced compact and have done similar looks. Can't wait to try this one.

  5. I had to throw away my Nars orgasm blush... I had a huge breakout, although, it could have been entirely my fault, you see I didn't use a brush, was in a hurry and used... GAH.. I know, my hands/fingers...

    These look fab on you.


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