Every now and again I like to share what currently has me smitten. See this week's list below:

I've been obsessed with these 3 mini buns since seeing them on Cup of Jo. I recently wore them here. They're super easy to do and take 5 minutes.

I’ve never heard of a Moscow Mule until I saw it on Oprah. This cocktail is usually served in copper mugs, but I used a highball glass. Mix ginger beer (no-alc), with vodka and lime. Recipe here. Very refreshing and perfect for spring.
Sometimes I’m in a hurry to get dressed but still want to look as nice as possible, given time constraints. I’ve been using L’Oreal One Swipe Eye Shadow and loving it for a quick look. I’d recommend this for those just getting into eye shadow or impatient (like me!). 
I was looking for something else and came across a case full of mixed cds, with only a few labeled. I spent a couple of hours listening to these cds from years ago (from NAPSTER!) and solving the mysteries of the unlabeled cds. I heard a lot of music I’ve not heard in years and had fun reminiscing. 
What has you smitten?

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  1. that hair is so cute! i will have to try that

  2. Let's see.. I'm smitten with some new lashes I got from lash bar, and that cool cowlick comb I got for height.

  3. I love finding "unlabeled" cd's :) It's like finding a lost roll of film...it brings you back to another place and tim e:)

  4. Unlabeled cds are like rolls of film... you just can't wait to see what's on it!

  5. girl, you gotta show us YOU with those buns!

    I am smitten with coach purses. My coworker showed me one she was gonna buy and i'm like hubba hubba!! Sadly, much too pricey for me.

  6. I am so checking out that eye shadow!!

  7. I love love love these little buns. I have worn them a few times and gotten TONS of compliments.

    just found your blog, I love it :)


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