12 Months of Resolutions: March (& February's Results)

Instead of creating a list of resolutions New Years Eve, I decided to do a different resolution each month. I did this in hopes that the resolution would stick. See previous months here.

For March's resolution, I decided to watch my complaining. I had this former Twitter buddy who complained every.single.tweet. She complained about how no one visited her blog, her lack of time, her kids, her hubs, her weight, etc. I couldn't stand it so I unfollowed her. That action led me to question my own actions. Am I a complainer and not realizing it? My plan of action is to watch my thoughts, words, and actions. Wish me luck!

For February, I decided to give up Diet Coke. Let's see how I did:


NOTES: I totally gave in and had 5 Diet Cokes over the course of 28 days. I really was disappointed in myself and thought I could handle it. I didn't notice any difference in my skin, health, demeanor by not having the sodas, but then again, I didn't go a full month.

CONTINUE: Yes, I would love to do this again. I'm happy to report that I'm only drinking sodas on the weekend, and am hoping to wean myself off them completely. I know there are so many benefits to not drinking Diet Coke, so I plan to do this by the end of 2011. Cross your fingers!


  1. That's good to at least cut down drinking soda. I've cut down a lot and it makes me feel better!

  2. Good for you!! Once you stop drinking it, you will wonder how you ever did. I LIVED for Dt Dt Pepper. I thought I'd die if I didn't have one. HAD TO BE IN A CAN OR STYROFOAM CUP. That's they only way. i had it baaaaad. lol.

    I can't tell you the last time I had one......I tried to take a sip a few months ago and almost gagged. (i was glad cause I worried I would drink 20!)

    And yay on your march resolution. I think that is a great one. No body likes a Debbie Downer, I would have stopped following her also. (I wonder if it's someone I follow now, lol)

    Have a great day!

  3. I love your resolutions and I will make sure to join in for the March one. Have a fantastic Tuesday, my dear

  4. Good luck with the watching the complaining. I can get into that "woe is me" funk and I've been trying to be more mindful about it too. As for the Diet Coke...good luck! I love to drink the stuff too. I'm trying to cut down on it, but I think that with anything, modertion is key :)

  5. Well, it's a start! I used to drink two Cokes a day and now I can go weeks without soda. Good job.

  6. Oh my, Coke is very hard to give up!

    As for the complaining, I had to remind a friend of mine to please stop and start thinking positive. It can really be annoying.

    Happy Tuesday!:D

    ***** Marie ******

  7. Cutting down on the Coke is a great start, something I often contemplate doing myself.

    I think it's a bit like smoking and drinking (ie you smoke, if you're a smoker, more when you're drinking) in that there are some foods that I feel like I just HAVE to drink coke with. Pizza; always, must.have.coke.with.pizza!


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