Outfit of the Week: Winter White

Editor's Note: This outfit was SUPPOSED to have been posted last week, during thisfreebird's White Denim Extravaganza. I completed screwed up the dates! Epic fail.Go check out everyone who participated. Amazing outfits, ladies!
When I'm absolutely at a loss for outfit inspiration, I always turn to white. I love it because it's a classic and can be worn every season. See my outfits here for fall, here for summer, and here for spring. Instead of shrouding myself in black, as I sometimes do during winter, I decided to embrace white. Taking beautiful birch trees as inspiration, I came up with my version of Winter White. I took my white denim, added a white turtleneck sweater, threw on a gorgeous camel peacoat, and brought my satchel and sunnies.
winter white

Do you wear Winter White? Let me know how you wear it in the comments.


  1. i love that bag! i do like white but i've never worn white pants.

  2. It's a beautiful outfit. And I would definitely wear winter white!

  3. So pretty!! I would have it dirty in a minute though ... white and I just don't seem to get along.

  4. I love this outfit, especially the bag, the whole outfit reminds me so much of Jennifer Lopez in Maid in Manhattan, I remember loving her white outfit so much when that movie first came out. I love white too, I never used to want to wear because I always thought it was the least slimming color but I have been trying to wear it more, I love how white brightens a person up.

  5. Beautiful outfit.

    White? Honey, I love Winter White....and white, lol!

    I hope you had a great weekend and that the week is even better!

  6. I love Winter White, but I never wear it. I'm too clumsy to pull it off and still look pristine by the end of the day.

  7. i love the mix of white and camel! very chic. have a lovely day elle! xoxo jcd

  8. I love the camel and white mix - such a nice alternative to drab winter wear!

    xoxo ~ Courtney

  9. I love the white paired with light brown. It reminds me of Jackie O.
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  10. I think the white is so pretty esp with the brown!

  11. I love the mix of white and brown:) That bag is amazing. Happy Tuesday, darling

  12. Never worn white pants. I used to have a cream pair of jeans -that's the closest I came to white bottoms!

  13. Winter White always looks amazing!
    I love my winter white peacoat!

  14. I do wear a winter white cardigan, but I don't think I've ever owned white pants! I love the pairing of white and camel! :)

    star-crossed smile

  15. I love white in the winter...it always looks so fresh!

  16. I love white outfits!! (but I never seem to wear them)


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