Elle's Winter Skin Routine

elle's winter skin routine

Today I wrap up my series on what I do to combat winter skin (click here for part 1 on Winter Face & click here for part 2 on Winter Hair). I'm featuring some products you might not know as well as some tried & true faves. I'd love to know what products you use, so leave them in the comments. Enjoy!

  • I've mentioned before my love of a humidifier. It surely helps take out the dryness that centralized heat can bring.
  • Limit the time during showers--nothing feels better than a long, hot shower on a cold day but that extra time is totally drying to skin.
  • Don't forget to use products with SPF for those parts that are exposed to the sun. 
  • I exfoliate my body weekly (try my DIY Sugar Scrub) or use a body brush to help get rid of dry skin before applying oil or lotion.
  • Some people claim drinking 8-10 glasses of water a day does nothing for skin. I like to think it does, so I up my water intake during winter.


  • Usually I don't suffer from chapped lips, but when I do, I make sure to exfoliate and use a petroleum-based product, like Rosebud. I can't stand the smell of regular Rosebud, so I prefer the strawberry (similar brand) or mint kind. Burt's Bees (not pictured) is another great choice.

  • Aquaphor is just a great product and can heal dry, cracked skin. It's great for chafed skin or minor burns. I apply it to my feet before bed and then put on socks. My feet are usually smooth by morning.

  • Lotions are always a cause for debate, and I have a few I rotate among, but here are my picks for absolute winter skin protection: Nivea has a really thick lotion that I apply after I shower.
  • Philosophy's When Hope Is Not Enough is another great option but is pricer. 
  • I also use Baby Oil on occasion but it's been pointed out how it doesn't absorb as well as plant oils.

  • Bliss' line of skin products comes heavily recommended as well. At my job I'm constantly having to wash my hands and this hand cream from Bliss works wonders.
  • Philosophy's Hands of Hope can also be used on the body as well.
  • If hands are cracked and super dry, use the Aquaphor and wrap hands in Saran Wrap (cling film). I've also applied the ointment and slept in gloves. Aquaphor can be used on lips too.
  • Rosebud can be put on hands too.

  • I call this the "itchy" section. Sometimes no matter how much I lotion up, I'll still find an itchy spot or two on my body. I've found Aveeno's lotion helps calm and combat my itchy skin.
  • If skin is itchy but not scratched to bits, Gold Bond's Medicated Lotion is wonderful. Since it has menthol, I use this at night. They also make a non-scented version too.

  • Do you switch body washes seasonally like I do? In the winter I want something extra creamy and moisturizing, so choice number one is Aveeno's Body Wash.
  • If my skin is in really bad shape, I use the Eucerin (Aquaphor is part of their line) body wash.
  • Other great choices are Dove and Olay body washes.
So spill it--what do you use to keep skin soft?


  1. i've tried the lotion/ sock thing on feet at bedtime to make skins smoother and it seems to always work for me!

    and that is so true about hot showers drying out skin, but it can be so hard to cut time for me haha.

  2. I love lotions, I am always buying them, right now Eucerin Plus is my favorite for feet and body it just feels so good and I love that it is not expensive since I tend to use alot of lotion. I also got a random sample of Lancome Nutrix Royal Body lotion which is amazing for my hands but is pricy. I usually use sample sizes for my hands and keep them in my purse, Sally Beauty Supply has good ones around Christmas that smell like gingerbread.

  3. Great products! It hasn't gotten very cold hear in Florida but I do use some items to combat the dry, cold weather :)

  4. great products, i will actually try the aquaphor. usually for lotion I use aveeno's baby lavendar scented lotion, it smells great and a little goes a looong way.

    Girl Meets Handbag

  5. Great tips! I use Aquaphor on my baby and fell in love with it so now i buy it for myself too! I love Eucerin, but would like for it to not be so difficult to dissolve:-). I'm a huge fan of humidifiers! XX

  6. living in the desert, my big problem is with my feet. Thanks for the review!

  7. This is great! My skin this time of year longs for many lotions.

  8. My poor little winter feet will benefit from this advice. They thank you.

  9. Oh man!! I'm terrible when it comes to mosturizing :( I know, I know...my skin will be paying for it down the road! When I do moisturize, I use the nightime Johnson & Johnson baby lotion. I just love the smell of it.

  10. Yah winter is so hard on the skin! I have to use lotion all the time.

  11. one of my best friends swears on Rosebud ... she never leaves the house without it. Now that you mentioned it as well I might have to try it out myself!

    xox Vicky
    Bikinis & Passports

  12. Totally appreciate all your recommendations.. but ... I had a severe reaction to protrolleum, and my lips were horrid, I mean horrid and peeling for a few months.. I switched to burts bee's, and organic, mostly, only... it cleared up quite quickly... that experience was sooooooooo painful...

  13. good tips!

    i lose my mind if i have dry lips, so it is lip gloss every second of the day, and then lip balm at night. i must get up and put it on 10 times in the night. i hate dry lips!

    and i like burt's bees!

  14. and shea butter. i loves me some shea butter for dry hands and dry legs in the winter!

  15. Okay I was just thinking how I need to try something for my lips since they are struggling this winter. Excited to check this product out!

    Glad you stopped by!
    P.S. Atlanta is where I lived the last 8 years! Miss it:(

  16. ohh this must be so good for your skin.. I so need to try this. my lips are getting dryer by the day with vaseline on it.

  17. Excellent round up. I always need multiple lotions/creams in the winter.

  18. Oh thank you for this post - I need some skin help - ouch!!!

    meggy from Chasing Davies

  19. I love the Bliss hand creme! I'll have to try the Aquaphor, though. Always love super, soft feet!

    -xoxo Noe ADELLA AVENUE


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