Elle Sees' Winter Facial Routine

I thought I'd share with you my Winter Beauty Routine (face, hair, body). First up is how I care for my skin. I was generously spoiled by my skin for years--I've never had acne (minus the occasional hormone zit), my skin was never dry, and I never had to use moisturizers or cleansers. Once I entered my 30s and moved to smoggy Atlanta, my skin quickly changed and I had to follow suit. My skin is now in full T-Zone effect (dry but oily nose) and most cleaners or moisturizers break out my skin. So how I do combat the problem? See my cheap winter skin routine below:

elle's winter skin routine

  • I keep a humidifier running next to my bed. It truly helps to combat dry skin. These can be purchased pretty cheaply. Mine doesn't use a filter, just water.
  • I use Clean & Clear's Morning Burst In-Shower Facial weekly to exfoliate any dry skin. I did a review and go into more detail, here.
  • In the morning & at night, I use Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Lotion. It doesn't clog my skin and is light enough to wear under makeup. Tip: There are generic versions of this product to save even more money!
What do you use to combat winter skin?


  1. Pretty sure I need a humidifier!

  2. wow, in-shower facial? never heard of that, but i'm a fan of clean&clear so i will have to try it! i love my simple neutrogena spf 15 moisturizer, i use it twice a day!

    p.s. want to join my giveaway?

  3. I use lots of moisturizer because my skin is dry year-round!


  4. Wow, humidifier, what a great idea, it's like spa for the face, and moisturizer is definitely essential, esp in winter months

    Fab post dear


  5. I have to use a humidifier in the winter and this one is actually cute! Love it!

  6. Lots and lots of water.

    Aveeno moisturizer for the body.

    Aveeno active naturals ACE sunscreen (because the atmosphere is thin and if there's snow, this is a double reflection of UVA/UVB glare) with SPF 30 mixed with Neutrogena liquid sunblock SPF 70.

    Blue Lagoon Iceland balancing emulsion.

    Smith's Rosebud Salve for hands, lips and feet.

    Body shop eye cream.

    Burts Bee's Naturally Ageless pomegranate night firming cream.

    And lots and lots of water to restore luminosity to the face.

    It works wonders, drinking water and tea.

    PS. your photo is blocking part of your < ul > list.

    Mae Lu, @ thereafterish.

  7. I really need humidifier not for my skin but for my throat!1 I always have throat problems during winter because the house is too dry
    anyway I use bioelement soap for my face to get my nose area oil gone and for the moisturizer using walmart products

  8. I have winter skin all year round it seems.

    I use Aveeno Positively Radiant Clenser and moisturizer in the mornings and then the clenser and cetaphil's heavy cream at night.

  9. I love clean & clear morning burst cleanser, but I've never seen the shower facial. I'll have to look for it. Thanks for the tip!

  10. I really need to buy a humidifier. Winters in MT are so dry and my skin is paying the price.

  11. Love this. I actually have a few humidifiers are run them non-stop lol. I dont think I could survive without one. Also I always bring one to a hotel with me.


  12. Good tips. My skin is CRAZY dry (like freakishly so) so me and vaseline become buds in the winter. I swear by it.


  13. Thanks for sharing! When I lived in Atlanta the cold weather was all new to be so I used LOTs of lotion to help my dry skin.

    <3 kristen

  14. I've been meaning to get a humidifier for our room. I need to get on that!

  15. Okay I really needed to read this. No matter how much water I drink or chapstick I use my lips are taking a beating. I'm getting a humidifier!!


  16. i have oily skin, even in the winter! so i have to be very careful with moisturizers. verrrrrrry careful! lol! but my hands sure take a beating in this cold weather! yeesh! i can never seem to get enough moisture on them!

  17. I use tons of moisturizer! Love the Aveno stuff!

  18. I'd really love for you to try some of the products I've been using, I really think you'd be quite taken by them.

    I use a face foam, or soap for cleansing, let me ask you. do you think we should exfoliate our face everyday? Is a face towel enough? I thought I was a beauty otaku, but clearly I'm still in trial and error. Morning Burst sounds fun.

  19. I use a humidifier too! Mine doesn't have a filter either and after some nasty stuff I bought a bottle of the antibacterial stuff to put about 1 tsp in each tank. Works great!


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