GIFT GUIDE WEEK! Elle's Unordinary Gift Guide

And so GIFT GUIDE WEEK continues! I hope you've enjoyed what I've featured so far. Today I'm showcasing Unordinary Gifts, you know--those off-the-wall-but-still-cool gifts. I think they're fun, so let's see what you think!

  1. Holiday Pens that smell!
  2. Candy Cane Shot Glasses
  3. Snow Globe Bottle stoppers
  4. Xmas Candle to Go
  5. Life-size Gingerbread house!! Ok, this is only $15k. Let's all chip in. K?
  6. Charlie Brown Hot Chocolate
  7. Giant Gummy Bear on a Stick
  8. Bitten Gingerbread Men Cookie Cutters
  9. Cupcake Floss
  10. Sprinkle Heart Ring
  11. Babushkups Nesting Glasses (I want these!)
  12. Colored Bubbles!
What unordinary gifts are you into this season?
PS--Coming up: Stocking Stuffers, Gifts for Guys, Elle Sees' Official Gift Guide


  1. That is so cool:) The Babushkups glasses are so sweet! Happy day my dear

    Ps: I am hosting a stunning leather clutch GIVEAWAY later today, just in time for Holiday Parties!

  2. A life-size gingerbread house!? That's awesome! I'll chip in with you!

  3. Ooh! I love this list! All things pretty!

  4. Those nesting glasses are too cute!!!

  5. These ideas are so fun! Love it.
    xo Josie

  6. Oooo, I want the gingerbread men

  7. Oh wow, these are all such fun and random gifts. I think what's great about them is that they're all so easy to give. I have an office yankee swap to buy a gift for, and one of these might be perfect for it!


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