Friday Questions!

It's the day after Thanksgiving, also known as Black Friday. And I've got a little something for you: it's the Thanksgiving Edition of Friday Questions! So if you're stuffed to the gills from turkey and er, stuffing, or you're tired from all that shopping, and if your uncle is driving you crazy with the same stories you've heard a million times already, this is for you! Enjoy and I'll be back Monday! Be safe, behave, and be well. Love, Elle

 Christmas came on Thanksgiving for us, two years ago today!
My nephews #2 and #1. Happy 2nd birthday #1!
PS--Happy 2nd Birthday to The World's Cutest Nephew #1!

1. Any Thanksgiving traditions in your family?
2. Do you participate in Black Friday? Ever witness anything crazy?
3.What is one thing you're thankful for?

Elle's Answers:
1. In addition to the traditional turkey dinner, my brother and sister and I watch the Macy's Day Parade. We've done it every.single. year. since they were babies. They are now 20 and 15 and we haven't missed a year.
2. I have! My step dad and I have ventured into Walmart many a time. In fact, I live in such a small town that people will drive just to see the madness of the shoppers.
3. My job. 


  1. 1.For the past 8 years we spend Thanksgiving with a group of friends...Its always fun!
    2. Only online:)
    3. My amazing family:)

    Have a wonderful weekend

  2. I totally do not participate in black friday - well except for online now!!! :)

  3. Yay for black friday!
    Wow...Walmart on Black Friday...that's insane! :p

  4. Oh my gosh walmart is crazy on black friday! I drove by at 9 and it was already insane! Worth it? Who knows. Anyways, happy holidays!


  5. 1. Any Thanksgiving traditions in your family?

    ANSWER: Eating in our pajamas. My family is small, so we all have Thanksgiving dinner in our PJs! :P

    2. Do you participate in Black Friday? Ever witness anything crazy?

    ANSWER: Only when I was about seven. We went to Wal-Mart. I hid down an aisle to escape the women fighting over $2 Barbie's! :P

    3.What is one thing you're thankful for?

    ANSWER: Life. :)

  6. Thanksgiving and Black Friday are limited to US residents I think! I don't like the idea of Black Friday though, it's a bit too much superficial materialism for my taste ;)

    BUT I am thankful for all my lovely blog friends :), my family, and for being in a warm place this winter!


  7. aaaaaw your nephew are adorable!


  8. Hope you're adorable little nephew had a fabulous bday!

  9. So cute!
    1) We eat like crazy potluck style! We have a huge family and now I work in my hubb's fam too, so now our tradition is to eat 2 HUGE meals in one day. Nuts!

    2) Not in the stores early in the am, BUT I did buy everything online Friday, and went to a few shops later. Maybe one of these years I will fully participate in the craziness.

    3) I am sooo grateful for so much this year. My health, our new rescued dog, my amazing hubby, and our wonderful life. so blessed.

    Great post hun thank you!

  10. I participated in Black Friday for the first time this year and it was definitely to crazy for me! I don't like my shopping to be stressful lol.


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