Friday Questions

Your mission: Read the questions. Answer the questions. Read my answers. Yahoo, it's FRIDAY!
  1. When did you first go online?
  2. Have you ever treated yourself to something and been sorely disappointed?
  3. What's the longest you've gone without sleep?
  4. What movie have you seen the most?
Elle's Answers
1. 1992 for the first time, but 1995. I've had the same hotmail email since.
2. No--I'm so indecisive that when I finally decide on something, I am in love with it.
3. A couple of days. Fact: Elle Sees doesn't sleep on planes. Fact 2: Elle Sees hasn't slept a whole night since 1985.
4. Willy Wonka (I have younger bro and sis) or almost every John Hughes movie. I quote them constantly.

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  1. My answers:

    - 1996, after I graduated from high school. I remember thinking how awesome e-mail and chat rooms were! LOL.

    - Not specfically....I know I've been super excited for certain movies and even going to see midnight showing and they were awful (Indiana Jones and the Crystal Skull, I'm looking at you here!)

    - I've never stayed up all night, so no more than probably 20 hours, I'd guess.

    - A Bug's Life, absolutely. There was a time in college my roommate and I would have it on every single day. We didn't necessarily watch it, but it was on in the room.

  2. 1) Ummm...I think 1997. I'm pretty positive that it was 1997; though it's possible that it was 1995. :/

    2) Yes. Many times. Usually involving shoes. :P

    3) Four days. The doctor prescribed this crazy allergy medicine to me, and I never slept! :P

    4) The Princess Diaries. Love!! :)

  3. 1. In 5th grade. AOL rocked!
    2. Sometimes I do feel guilty after a big clothing purchase! So I have to take it back!
    3. Probably around 30 hours. Gotta love design school projects.
    4. Lady and the Tramp. I was a die hard fan when I was little.
    Pocket of Presh

  4. LOVE all of your answers, and I've missed you, keep in touch babe, and enjoy your weekend :))


  5. 1. I dont have a clue...but long time ago:)
    3. 2 days at school while prep. for tests:)
    Have a lovely weekend,sweetie

  6. So good to get to know you more! I remember getting my first email account. Lamest name ever. ha ha. And I still use my original password! And it's misspelled. Wow I am cool...



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