Friday Questions!

Ah. it's time for another rousing edition of FRIDAY QUESTIONS! Read 'em & answer 'em. Why not? I love learning about 'yall! Questions via mentalfloss.com & my brain. Enjoy!
Love, Elle

  1. What food/restaurant that's only available in your part of the country would you miss if gone?
  2. What cd could you listen to on repeat for 3000 miles?
  3. What's the oldest thing you carry in your purse?

Elle's Answers:
1. Chick-fil-a. 
2. A mixed cd! Ok, for real, Smashing Pumpkins Siamese Dream or The Cure's Greatest Hits
3. I have a butterfly hairclip my little sister gave me when she was 3 (now 15). And some earrings my brother got out of a machine when he was 5 (now 20). I miss them & this reminds me of them since I live 5 hrs away!


  1. Fun questions! :) Here goes...

    1. Matt's Rancho Martinez, a Dallas tex-mex joint. OMG drool-worthy.

    2. Pat Green -- Carry On.

    3. This is probably gross but I think I have a really old tube of Chapstick in there.

  2. 1. Bojangles!!!!

    2. Kenny Chesney - Be As You Are (Songs from an Old Blue Chair). I never get tired of that CD!

    3. Hmm...I guess it would be my cosmetology school card from 2006!

  3. All good questions!!

    1) I'd have to say any form of a Tex-Mex, which of course, is only true to Texas! (But, if you say fast food, I'd have to agree with you!)
    2) That's a tough one, I'd say Mute Math - Armistice
    3) Probably the oldest thing I carry currently is my college I.D.

    :) Have a fun weekend!!

  4. im glad my post made you remember about your struggles, but most importantly your triumphs!

    congratulations on finding your job.
    im a new follower, follow back :D

    <3 dennica pearl

  5. Great!
    1. Probably Iguana....a mexican place near us:)..They have the best food ever!
    2. Paris Cafe Album or Classic Jazz
    3. Little pocket mirror I got from my mom ages ago:)

    Kisses,sweetie and have a great weekend

  6. 1. What food/restaurant that's only available in your part of the country would you miss if gone?
    Ooo, gonna agree with Chick fil A. I'd be super sad if that was gone!
    2. What cd could you listen to on repeat for 3000 miles?
    Anything by Muse.
    3. What's the oldest thing you carry in your purse?
    My checkbook, which never gets used, is like 5 years old I think.

  7. this looks like fun!

    1) Chick-fil-a, too! I love it!

    2) a mix country cd

    3) i think it would be an old key chain I got at the beach about five years ago.


  8. * Poutine

    * Shame on me but Bon Jovi

    * My Japanese yen

    love this feature of your blog!


  9. 1. Tapas (in particular, Fatigas del Querer) orr in Boston - I'd miss "The Beehive" if it were gone. Their live jazz and shortrib grilled cheese is to die for.
    2. The Hair soundtrack. I said it!
    3. A parking ticket


  10. 1: here, Flying Biscuit. Back home in TX, Tex-Mex!
    2: Josh Groban
    3: An emergency tampon

    Have a great week :)




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