Elle Can't Cook: Pseudo Paninis

One of my fave lunches is the panini. However, I don't own a panini maker. What's a girl to do? IMPROVISE!

I gathered the ingredients I had on hand: 
  • butter
  • pitas
  • cheese
  • grilled chicken (leftover)
  • grilled pineapple (leftover)
  • large pan
  • medium or small pot

Here are the ingredients added to the pita. This is placed in the hot pan with another buttered (I use the low-cal kind) pita on top.
I added water in the pot (to make it heavier & flatten the sandwich) and put the pot on top of my panini. This flattens the sandwich and seals it together.Voila! My own panini maker--minus the grill marks!
I cooked them for about 3-5 minutes to melt the cheese and heat up the chicken. Cut in half and serve. The fillings are endless. Enjoy! Love, Elle

Do you have one of those expensive panini makers? Or do you improvise, like me?


  1. That looks very yummy:)....I am all hungry right now:)

    Ps: I am hosting a sweet jewelry GIVEAWAY today :) Hope you will join in!!!

  2. What a fun combination! I love grilled chicken with grilled pineapple

  3. Ah, I love, love, LOVE paninis! They're my favorite lunch food--especially the ones with pesto! YUMMO!

    That's pretty genius of you to use another pot to smash your panini. I've seen people use bricks, but I'm not sure how clean that really is.

  4. Oh yum looks good to me... you go girl!

  5. what a combination. Looks absolutely amazing!!


  6. That looks delish! And even better than some panini's I've seen! Good job on the improvisation. I need to get a little more creative in the kitchen :)

  7. Oh my! That sounds delicious! I love pineapple on anything!!!! :)

  8. Improvising is the best! Haha, I posted recently about my pseudo paella - so love that others don't always follow recipes either :) This looks delicious!

  9. Good for you on the improv...looks like a great lunch sandwich:)

    Have a fabulous day!!

    Statements in Fashion

  10. Oooh those looks yummy. I think my parents have a panini maker...

  11. what a great idea!! we have a george foreman grill that isn't quite right but it does the trick. paninis are SO good!

  12. These look so yum! Made tacos the other day and I have to try this next.
    I've got the most basic cooking utensils so I more often than not have to improvise.

  13. You are so resourceful! What a great idea. We bought a panini maker from William Sonoma a few years ago and it just sits in the corner of the kitchen. Wish I would have seen this post before I bought it!


  14. oh god! this looks so delicious, and 4 million times better than my lunch of cucumbers and whatever else i can rustle up!

  15. Those look really good, I just started following :)

  16. I've never thought about making a panini, but you make it look so easy I might just try it sometime. Well I need to move into my new apartment first and unpack all my kitchen supplies!

  17. Panini's are such a great way to indulge in different fillings!

  18. If you had salsa on the side, this panini will be even more delicious! I like my sandiches with salsa. I don't know why :) For me it just makes food tastes awesome!

  19. That's pretty creative of you and that's an awesome trait! We have those sandwich presses buyout sadly, they don't really see the light of day!

  20. I should make one, that looks great!:D

    ***** Marie *****

  21. My favorite to do is caramelized onions and gruyere cheese (sort of like a french onion soup panini!)


  22. love your improvisation. :P plus the post title is pretty much ME.

  23. mmm that looks super yummy! will definitely try it sometime soon.
    and thanks for stopping by my blog! means a lot to me :)


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