Back to School Week: The Final List

That commercial cracks me up every year. Isn't that how some parents feel? Ha!
I thought I'd share my list of posts you might have missed:

Monday--Dorm Essentials and Shower Essentials
Tuesday--College Fashion & Beauty and Outfit of the Week: Simply Chic
Wednesday--School Safety
Thursday--Your Social Life and College Cooking
Friday--Essential Links

Monday--What to Give to The Student & DIY School Backpacks
Tuesday--Making Money In School
Wednesday--Essential School Supplies
Thursday--Study Guide & Moving In Guide
Friday--Saving Money & Final Links Roundup

I hope you all enjoyed these two weeks! I'll be back to regular posting on Monday! Enjoy your weekend!


  1. Great posts doll!! A girl's guide to B2S!! Brilliant!


  2. you did such a great job with all of these back to school tips - you seriously need to write for a magazine (yes i'm saying it again!)

  3. Such an amazing array of back to school posts - love them all!! :)

  4. ahhh I can't believe I'm DONE with school and I'll never get to do this all again!

  5. Lol, that ad is seriously hilarious! Although I've graduated, I'm still off to check out these posts. I love back to school articles.

  6. What a funny ad. Love the sad looking kids vs the happy parent.


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