Wanderlust Week: Wrap Up!

pic for the reader who requested a sunrise!

I can't believe Wanderlust Week is over! I had such fun researching these tips and sharing my own advice and experiences. If you missed any posts, here's the list:

I had fun reading the comments and questions y'all left for me! Below is a mixed assortment of the questions/comments/emails you lovely ladies have left! Is there something that wasn't answered? Comment below and I'll be sure to update this post. Thanks to everyone who read & took the time to comment! I enjoyed this week! --Elle
  • For those that don't feel like going out to dinner, wanna save money, and can cook, no fear! You can cook in your hotel room! And here's a video of how to do it. Crazy!
  • Cute journal for traveling with map!
  • http://esdelope.wordpress.com  shared flight pillows and blankets. And she also said when she was stranded in the airport, her friends made a $5 Top Chef Quick Fire Challenge!!! Thanks for sharing!
  • "What do I wear on a safari?"I thought this was a great answer. I've never been on one! Have fun!
  • "Cute suitcases?" I believe in form over function and I'm frugal, so my luggage was super cheap from the US store TJ MAXX. My luggage is aubergine, so it stands out a little, plus hides dirt and bruises from being banged around.
  • "Tips for keeping cool?" Drink lots of water and keep clothing as light and airy as possible. Outblush shared 10 tips for keeping cool.
  • Rural camping in Maine? This is a great forum for survivalist camping. Maine has some wilderness camping area trails here-as in not a park.
  • "I want to have a destination wedding." Congrats! And here's how!
  • "My ears hurt when I fly. Any tips?" I've heard to chew gum. I yawn a lot or swallow to help alleviate the pressure. It works for me! If it is cumbersome, visit an ENT doctor. 
  • Several commented on my cupcake mints! I got them at a store in Atl, but they're online here.
  • "What should I wear?" This depends on the destination, so I need specifics. Whatever I wear has to be very versatile and comfortable as possible. I do NOT over pack. If it's a long trip, I'll use the list mentioned on Tuesday and wash my undies and wear things more than once. I save room in my bag for souvenirs. I don't pack more than 2 or 3 pairs of shoes. Be more specific & I can add more.
  • "I'm going to London in a few days. Clothes help?" Here's some cute options.
  • Want even MORE packing help? This site has a great list and so does this site. You can put items in shoes, put potentially leaky things in a sealed bag, 
  • This site has great videos on how to pack--like how do you pack odds and ends? Great resource for visual people, like me!
  • "Airplane snacks?" Snacks/food depends on the airline, but sometimes you don't even get a wee bag of pretzels. On Tuesday I mentioned I bring Power bars and trail mix so really long flights. I also suggest dried cherries, sesame sticks, carrot sticks & dip, fruit, or pretzel M&Ms. Some make their own pita sandwiches. Please don't be that person with the stinky egg sandwich or smelly food on the plane.  
  • Here's a great jet lag tip: "2 hr nap wake up and then sleep 12 hours that night." Thanks Lisa from www.indramaticfashion.com
  • Any other questions you want answered? Please leave a comment or email & I will update this post promptly. I hope you all enjoyed Wanderlust Week!
Quite frankly, some questions were omitted, because if the commenter(s) had simply READ the post, then their question was covered. Does it frustrate you when commenters don't even read your posts? As in they're just commenting to drive traffic to their site? Argh. Ok, mini-rant over! Enjoy the weekend, loveys.


  1. I really enjoyed reading along! Thanks so much for all the tips.

  2. I think you have covered everything here, I will read those links provided and wishing you a fabulous weekend :)) xoxo

  3. thanks for these links and tips! ur wanderlust feature is such a great idea:) thanks again for dropping by my blog!


  4. That was a great week:) Thank you:) I wrote so much down...to remember:)
    Have a fun weekend,sweetie

  5. Definitely going to check out that packing post!

  6. Very fun post! Hope you have a good weekend :) Yeah, I get annoyed when I'm asked a question that I answered in the post. Frustrating!

  7. I think I need to travel more so I can use these tips! Thanks!

  8. Yayy I'm so glad I won the giveaway!! I will email you ASAP!


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