Scenes From the Weekend

Whew! Sorry for posting so late! Hopefully, you read my post yesterday about my first road trip to tide you over! Let's get back on schedule! I had quite the busy week and weekend here at Casa Sees! First, I posted a whole week of traveling tips. My little sister was here all week and we had a blast! She usually visits me twice a year and this time it went by way too fast. We laugh at the silliest of things and have a million jokes that make just us laugh. There's 18 years between us, so I'm fortunate that we are so close. This week's post is going to be more of a week wrap up with a little weekend thrown in!
Because I'm an awesome sister (ha), I took her to the Cool Tour where we listened to 8 bands for about 8 hours. That's Underoath above. If you like screamo and metal, you'd like these bands. It's not my cup of tea! I was exhausted and felt so friggin' old. One guy thought I was Holly's mom! Horror! We met the lead singer of Bless the Fall--very cute.
The next day we recovered by the pool. My sis almost fell in the pool while texting! I can't believe I taught Holly to swim when she was visiting me where I used to live so many years ago. Time flies!
Next we went on the Roswell Ghost Tour. I've been on a few of these across the US, but none affected me like this one! It was so spooky! It's the top tour in GA and one of the best in the US. In fact, Chip Coffey of Psychic Kids is affiliated with the paranormal investigators.
What's that under the stairs? Excuse the quality of the pics, but this was at night. There were no lights but my flash.
Do you see the face in the bottom right-hand corner? This was in a cemetery. This tour was unlike any I've been on. It didn't feel hokey at all! I highly recommend it if you're ever in Atlanta. Entertainment purposes only! Ha.
We also did a lot of back-to-school-shopping for her, the highlight being the Mall of Georgia. There's 252 stores, and no, we didn't see them all. We quit after 7 hours of shopping. One of the best parts was the candy store! One time we got some of EVERY candy in the entire store. Yes, I'm a pushover. This time, we settled for just 7 kinds.
I took her to the Starlight Drive In--she'd never been to one and I recently wrote about it. We saw Inception (it was good) and watched the fireflies glow around us. It sprinkled a little but we still had a great time.

So that was my long week and weekend. How was yours?
PS--Thanks to Lori from No More Sweatpants for my 2 new awards.


  1. Wow!!! Sounds like y'all had a blast together last week!!! I feel like I've drove past the Mall of GA a couple of times but I've never been!! Sounds like I need to go! I don't think I could handle a ghost tour!!! I'd have nightmares for a month!! :/

  2. OMG...you are a lovely sister and you guys had a lovely week...Kisses sweetie and I hope you are relaxing today:)

  3. I'm so jealous! It sounds like you had such a good time! That makes me want a sister. :)

    My husband and I have done ghost tours at St. Augustine in Florida and I LOVE them. They're so much fun! I don't believe in ghosts so they're just a great excuse for me to make fun of the stories and the actors. :)

  4. i just found your blog through regan's! i'm so jealous you have a drive in movie theater near you!!

  5. sounds like a nice, long weekend that was super productive! glad you had fun with your sis.

    anna jane

  6. what a fun day! and that house looks incredible creepy!! especially at night!

  7. Sounds like soo much fun , im jealous : ) xxx

  8. I love chip Coffey! How cool!


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