Product Test Drive: Tresseme Dry Shampoo & Waterless Foam

To save $, and because my hair is so dry and thick, I usually only wash it once or twice a week. It extends the life of my color as well. So when I recently saw a commercial for the new Dry Shampoo and Waterless Foam options offered by the Tresseme line, I was intrigued. Would it work? Dry shampoos have been a disaster on my hair in the past, and I've tried almost all of them.
First up is the Tresseme Dry Shampoo. It's geared for oily straight to normal hair. Simply shake, spray sections 6-8 inches away, wait a minute or two, and brush through. It sells for around $4-6. 

How did it work? Just like any other dry shampoo I've tried--it makes me look like I've got dandruff in my dark hair! Remember, my hair is naturally wavy, dark, thick, and a little coarse (dry) and the product is geared for oily to normal straight hair, so I wasn't expecting much. It might work differently on your hair, especially if you use it for the hair type intended. ;)  It had a pleasant smell.

Get or Forget? If you have blonde hair, then I imagine this will work great for you. If you want a cheap dry shampoo, then this is for you. In fact, out of both products, this was the one with the rave reviews! It could be a great travel product as well! As for me, forget it, but I feel fine about the purchase since it was so cheap. Since I'm frugal, I'll use the dry shampoo on my underneath layers and not on the top. And I'll let my friends use it when they come to visit.
Next up was the Tresseme Waterless Foam Shampoo for dry to normal curly hair. Pump two or three times and spread throughout hair using fingertips. Leave in for a minute and rub out product using a towel.

How did it work? I loved it! It was easy to use. It didn't leave my hair greasy and had a nice smell. Some suggest skipping the towel and using less product.

Get or Forget? Is your hair wavy/curly and dry to normal? Then get it! The only negative reviews I found were those with greasy hair and it made their hair greasier. While it doesn't replace a shampoo, it's great to refresh hair after a long night out or if you're too tired to wash your hair! ;)


  1. I love dry shampoo ENORMOUSLY (particularly on those mornings where I wake up late and have somewhere to be ASAP!) but as a fellow brunette, I have exactly the same problem as you: it just seems to look all weird and dandruff-y up close! Still, I persevere ;D Great review, Elle!

  2. I liked that waterless foam one, too! I actually gave a bottle away a few weeks ago on my blog. I loved the scent. I've got one in my gym bag now. :)

  3. I've never tried these before, but I'd be interested because I think they'd be great for travel. Thanks!


  4. Nice! I've been wanting a dry shampoo since I don't wash my hair every day. I'll have to give these a try.

  5. I have never tried dry shampoo, for the same reason you mentioned: of fear that it would make me look like i have dandruff; however, i might have to try it since i do have greasy hair and don't want to wash it every day.

  6. Brilliant! Must try this- I'm blonde, but have thick, wavy, slightly coarse(ish) hair.


  7. Thanks for the review!:D I've been meaning to try the foam one!:D

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    & Life According to Marie.

  8. Thanks for the review, have some dry shampoo but haven't tried either of these :)

  9. I have always wanted to try a dry shampoo. It may work for me since I am a blonde. Thanks for the review!


  10. great reviews, i was interested in these products when i saw the commercials but never got around to getting any and it sounds like the second one would be good for me. i think i'll try it, great post.

  11. Good to know, I hate buyng hair products that don't work, I get so disappointed! Have you tried just sprinkling baby powder in your hair? I do this on morning where I oversleep and don't have time to shower or evenings when my hair is flat or greasy looking and it works really well, and is super cheap!

    xoxo, Ashley

  12. I have the Tresmee dry shampoo! I absolutely love it! Thus my exclamation marks. I guess t works better on me because my hair does tend to be on the greasy side. And I think the brushing through is essential. My only complaint- and I'm not sure this just because of the dry shampoo- is that my hair has more product buildup. I love your product reviews, Elle!

  13. I was my hair once or twice a week too :P jajajaja

  14. I tried that first Tresseme dry shampoo too, my dad got some free...and it didn't work right for me either... :(
    I'll have to try the other one :D
    and YAYY! I knew you would love the books! :D Just wait, they get better! :D

  15. nice info.. thanks for your comment dear.. please follow my blog if you like it. have a nice day :)

  16. I have always been interested in dry shampoos. I would love this after a long international flight or maybe after a good workout and I don't feel like washing my hair. Will give it a try!

  17. thanks for the tip. I love my oscar blandi dry shampoo but have been looking for a cheaper alternative.

  18. I love dry shampoo, and did not know that they made any at these prices! I am excited to try it! Thanks for the post!

  19. awesome - i will have to try that out as I have blonde hair that tends to get greasy.

    PS i cant WAIT to read bret easton ellis' new book!!!

    anna jane

  20. Thank you for the reviews!! I use dry shampoo all the time and I'm always searching for thebest one. Right now I'm using one by Oscar blandi that I got from sephora and I love it!!


  21. Still on the search for good dry shampoo myself - thanks for this review!

  22. I've never tried dry shampoo. I recall my friend using baby powder on her roots in between washes.

  23. For brunettes, baby powder isn't the best alternative to dry shampoo because it can be hard to get rid of. That's why before I bought my dry shampoo I used bronzer. It's much easier than talcum powder.


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