Feeling Brown, Feeling Blue

I've still got beach on the brain (see my beach week here)! I've gathered some cool products that I wanted to share based on two colors of the beach: brown (sand) and blue (sea & sky). Some fun beachy products, if you will. Enjoy.
Feeling Brown

  • Fake that tan and glow instantly with this bronzer from Sephora. Get it even cheaper from Physician's Formula.
  • One of my FAVE things to splurge on once a year is this Bobbi Brown beach sandbar soap. It smells divine, reminds me of the beach, and has sand for exfoliating.
  • Tocca sunscreen towelettes are easy to apply and aren't messy.
  • Bobbi Brown again with her beach fragrance. Bring the beach to YOU.
  • I love this sugar scrub from Fresh.
Feeling Blue
  • This sunscreen from Jack Black is sweat resistant (geared for guys but I like the smell).
  • I've mentioned before how important it is to moisturize your hair while in the sun. Luckily Phyto makes an excellent hair masque.
  • I've shared my review of this Covergirl Lash Blast Fusion before here.
  • This Kate Spade bag is perfect for toting these products or anything around.
  • Ok, how cool are these aviators from Sepp? Definitely a dream-list item.
  • I love this creamy shade of polish from Rococo.
What brown and blue products are you loving this summer?


  1. I think I need to add a pair of aviators to my sunglasses collection.

  2. I just started to use the Fresh scrub...Its really amazing:)


  3. I didn't even know sunscreen towelettes exist! Great concept!

  4. Great picks-I am going to have to look into those Tocca wipes!

  5. i'd really like to try that fresh scrub! nice picks.

    anna jane

  6. These picks are great!
    Sweat resistant sunblock... i need this!


  7. I adore a good bronzer!! Nothing like a healthy summer's glow!

  8. My mind is still at the beach this week too. I use the Phyto spray leave in conditioner and it's amazing! I'll have to try this hair mask.


  9. So do I!! I love summer! these are great product. thanks for the great post!



  10. I love my bronzer! Can't leave home without it! Especially when stuck under those florescent lights at the office!


  11. it has been so long since I went to the beach :(

  12. I want to try that scrub!

  13. great picks! i still got the beach on my mind, too lol thanks for sharing:) thanks also for ur sweet comment on my last post. it really means so much:) thank u for reaching out!


  14. that bobbi brown knows beach inspired beauty products!

    i wouldn't mind having that kate spade bag to tote around my beach gear either!

  15. Super cute way to divide up the products! Since I love color, this really caught my attention. The brown and blue I'm digging right now is my 2 story foyer. 1/2 way up it's blue and the rest up to the ceiling is brown!


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