Scenes From the Weekend

What did Elle See this weekend? Quite a lot, but you'll notice a lack of my pics on this post--which isn't the norm. In fact, I debated on even doing this post, until I was asked why there was no post.
SO here we go!

Friday I had a job interview. And on my way out the door, as I was giving myself the ole Pep Talk (you do this too, right?) I noticed my zipper on my pants was broken. I tried Hollywood Tape, but to no avail. I'm convinced this affected my interview. ;) See example below I found via Google:

Next, as I was off to see my friend The D, before she moves from Atl, I dropped my cell. I couldn't contact her to let her know I wasn't coming. Off to Verizon I went and was informed it would take 2 days to get a new phone. I'm very thankful I got a replacement for free!
After this mess, I decided a dinner at Taqueria del Sol was the only remedy.


Saturday, we saw this awesome documentary of street graffiti, featuring Banksy, called Exit Through The Gift Shop. I know what you're thinking; it might not sound exciting, but it was really good! We also hit up an awesome Goodwill Store in Buckhead. They had the best name-brand stuff for crazy-low prices.

Sunday we found out our beloved interim pastor was leaving the church. Everyone got really emotional, and that was kinda unexpected. The good news was that my apartment complex had a luau at the pool with free drinks, food, prizes, and games. I think it was an excellent way to wrap up a weekend. And now I have a phone!!!!

How was your weekend, loveys?


  1. yay for having a phone again! hope your interview went well!

    my weekend was awesome. i stayed up all night with my friend and watched the sunrise... then drove 7 hrs back home to celebrate father's day!!

  2. Sorry about your pants incident. Happens to the best of us. :)
    And I can only imagine how amazing the Goodwill in Buckhead is. I heard people have some serious dinero that live there. I actually know a few people from Buckhead and they recently gave away a practically new 2007 SUV to my cousin because they "had enough cars and didn't use it anymore". So I can only imagine the phenomenal stuff given away.

  3. Such bad luck with your pants! I've busted a few zippers myself (true religion jeans zippers and I just do not get along), they're pretty cheap to get fixed though.

    To answer your question - I do wear a bra with that helmut lang tank top. it's a backless bra, called a nu-bra. the cups are sticky - it's really useful, i find myself wearing it a lot.

    xoxo, Ashley

  4. ahh broken zippers are the worst! but it does happen. and woohoo for new phone!

    My weekend consisted of driving up to my dad's house (4 1/2 hours) and reading haha. not too exciting.

  5. Hi Elle, there were silver linings in the cloudy sky :), my weekend was not as illustrious like yours, i just spent my time with my family, we went to watch toy story 3 and had lunch at our favourite chinese restaurant afterwards, hope you are feeling ok now, love, xoxo

  6. sorry about your pants :( and i've been DYING to see exit through the gift shop! i've heard so many good things about it!

  7. that was not your day, huh?! have a fab tuesday, though!
    what did i do? umm...*remembering*...ahh dinner with friends friday night - chinese! one guy couldn't stop blowing his vuvuzela...the rest was relaxing, sitting at coffee shops, etc.

  8. hope your interview went well!

    Your blog is really similar to ours (Outfits, essentials, etc)! neat!

  9. Broken zippers are definitely demoralizing!

  10. I went to see Exit Through The Gift Shop last night and LOVED it. So much respect for artists of every shape and kind :)


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