Scenes From the Weekend

IRL, (aka the non-blogging world) last week wasn't my best. I was stuck home sick with a nasty cold and really feeling down. I had two interviews and was positive I'd get either position, but it didn't turn out in my favor. It's all for a reason, I know. But I had so much fun reading the comments and support from Beach Week. Excuse the pic quality this week!
My spirits were lifted when I received these flowers as a ray of sunshine. I was feeling better and I have another interview this week!
On Saturday, a few friends drove up and we went tubing. I recommend some type of shoe like this.
Have you ever heard of tubing where you live? All you do is ride an inflatable inner tube or raft down the river. Here's the river. It looks muddy here but it cleared up further down and was sooo cold.

Here's the tubes before we left.
Of course I was the first and only person to fall out! Ha. This happens anytime I'm in any sort inflatable craft in the water. My friends were useless in helping me. :/ Here's the tubes after! The rocks tore them up.

And the pic above is one I didn't take but you could see what tubing down a river looks like.

How was your weekend? What did you do?


  1. Ah! tubing down the river! looks like so much fun<3


  2. Tubing does look great! Sorry you didn't have the best week. Here's to a new one that will be brighter I am sure!


  3. jealous of your river float! i've always wanted to do one of those big ones but haven't gotten around to it quite yet :)


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