Friday Questions!

This weekend I'm making a 5-hour drive to see my family. I'm looking forward to home-cooking, many pics, and lots of giggles with the baby nephews. For the drive, I'm kicking it old school, with cds and tapes since the ole Ipod just stopped working (any tips on that?). And that brings me to FRIDAY QUESTIONS! Answer yours in the comments!

  1. What is one song that is on your summer playlist?
  2. What is your computer (or phone if no computer) background image?
  3. What was the first movie you remember seeing in the movie theatre?
1. See my beach playlist here and I post songs to relax to every Saturday.
2. The beach!!!! Plumeria on my phone
3. Snow White. I was in 2nd grade and thought it was the most magical thing, ever. I was terrified of the mean witch! That movie theatre has disappeared, though. :(

Be safe, behave, and be well! --Elle


  1. you're so cute, i just love your blog

    1. the kills - last day of magic
    2. a floral thing
    3. mighty ducks :)

  2. Have a wonderful time with your family and here are my answers :)
    1. Lily Allen
    2. My header photo
    3. I don’t remember....I wish I would...
    Kisses darling

  3. Hello!
    1. some jazzy thing my husband got
    2. our new home to be
    3. E.T.!

  4. 1.) The Gaslight Anthem - American Slang
    2.) One of my engagement photos! A shot of my fiance and I on our bikes.
    3.)I think it would have to be the Little Mermaid - still love that movie!

  5. 1. Dave Matthews Band
    2. The default image. I just got a new phone, so I haven't had the chance to change it :)
    3. Jurrasic Park was the first one I remember seeing, not sure if that was the first one though!

  6. Ooo, how fun!

    1) Vampire Weekend's new album
    2) It's of the Helix Nebula star (Yes, I'm a nerd)
    3) Hunchback of Notre Dame

    Hope you have a great weekend.

  7. Ahhh - this is a fun game!
    1- Anything Trevor Hall
    2- My ENTIRE family at Valley of Fire
    3- Chitty-chitty bang-bang

    Thanks for the fun.

  8. 1) Super random but I am loving Eminem's new stuff right now.
    2)My background image is a quote that says "you were only given this life, because you are strong enough to live, don't give up!"
    3)The first movie that I actually remember seeing in the movies was The Lion King! haha

  9. lets see...
    1. Sometimes by Miami Horror
    2. A collection of Danny Roberts sktches
    3. homeward bound, i think.

    such a cute little idea.

  10. 1. Meiko
    2. Some weird B&W landscape photo
    3. Haven't been to the movies in so long, this is a Summer must though :)
    Happy weekend!

  11. 1. california girls - katy perry
    3. fievel goes west or jumanji!


  12. Bee Gees - Staying Alive
    A picture of my daughter
    Mary Poppins


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