Friday Questions!

Ah, the weekend is here! Idk about y'all, but based on what I read on my Twitter, it seems everyone had a bad Wednesday. Here's just a sample of my minor disasters on Wednesday: I broke my zipper en route to an interview, dropped my phone and it's now unusable, and then my lasagna leapt onto the floor & my fork stabbed my power cord. I've been thinking nothing but positive thoughts ever since!

Good news: hopefully you've noticed the new layout! I wanted something punchy and bright for summer. You like?

Even better news: It's time for FRIDAY QUESTIONS! Answer yours in the comments. My answers are below.

  1. What's the weirdest rule you had at a place you've worked?
  2. What's the most annoying commercial on tv?
  3. What word or words do you constantly spell wrong?
Elle's Answers:
1. Only one person was allowed to use the copy machine, although she had NO idea how to use it and always got others to make copies for her.
2. 6 Flags commercials, the toe fungus one, swiffer
3. I always have to think before I spell "definitely." Weird, right?

Ok, time to post your answers! You know you're bored at work! ;)


  1. What's the weirdest rule you had at a place you've worked?
    hmmm, so far not so weird rules (yet)
    What's the most annoying commercial on tv?
    I hate those cheesy faux eating food commercial ones
    What word or words do you constantly spell wrong?
    inspiritional, inspiritational, what's the correct spelling? arrrgghhhhhhh

  2. cute layout!
    ok weirdest rule...no perfume! so dumb.

  3. I love the new layout...Its so happy:)
    I am so happy its Friday:) Great feeling:)
    Kisses sweetie and have a great day!

  4. I love your new layout! It's so bright and fun! Hmm...I can't think of the weirdest rule, but the most annoying commercial for me is 1800Dentist. I feel like it's on all the time. Have a great weekend!


  5. 1. Couldn't make popcorn at work b/c someone didn't like the smell.
    2. I hate car commercials
    3. I spell definitely wrong all the time too

    Happy Friday!!!

  6. Ok the word "definitely" totally trips me up too!

  7. 1. I'm sure they're are plenty but I can't seem to think of one at the moment (sorry!)
    2. Any commercial that features a kid making a complete mess of the house while his/her mom just smiles and proudly watches in the background!
    3. When typing I often mis-type the word "and" my fingers press "adn" instead; go figure...

    I love this bright color -- totally summery and fun!

  8. Definitely my current rule where I have to always tell someone before I can go to the bathroom! Commercial, I hate ambulance chaser ads, and the words, definitely, reguarly, and necessarily (sp?) love the layout plus its easier to read!

  9. well, as i´m from another country, i will only answered the first question: i once worked in a place that didn´t aloud women to speak with each other, and it totaly freaked me out!!

    THanks so much for your lovely comment on my style diary =)

    love from Portugal,

  10. Weird work rules?? Hmmm...the only one I can think of is that management check any and all outgoing mail before sealing and stamping it. Also, they open our mail for incoming stuff too!

    Annoying commercial? Lol! I don't know! I never watch TV real time anymore. Everything is DVR'ed :P

  11. oh i would have cried if i dropped my phone xxx

  12. I'm not sure about question number 1, but...
    2. the infomercials where everyone is struggling to chop with a regular knife!
    3. consciousness

    have a lovely weekend!

  13. I am horrible at spelling definitely too (yup, just had to use spell check)!

    Great blog!


  14. I am horrible at spelling definitely too (yup, just had to use spell check)!

    Great blog!


  15. I am incapable of spelling "definitely" and "jewelry" -- it's ridiculous, haha. Have a fab weekend!
    xo Josie

  16. 1) We had to use a special badge (with our name embedded in it) to go into every room in the building. So every time you went to the bathroom, they would know, because you scanned in and out - so embarrassing! :)

    2) I don't have cable, so I don't know of any commercials right now.

    3) Luckily, I rarely spell words wrong, so I'm okay on this front. :P

  17. 1.) At one job, we were only allowed to drink liquids out of company-issued orange coffee mugs. That meant no paper cups or water bottle. Ridiculous!
    2.)The mucinex commercial. Those little globs disturb me.
    3.) I hate to admit it, but I always have issues with its it's.

  18. really?! that's cool. where are they exactly from?!

  19. thanks so much for commenting on my blog! i do like your new layout — very happy and perfect for the season! i suppose the weirdest workplace rule was having company-issued id cards to enter every room; my least favorite commercial is for meow mix because 1) i'm afraid of cats and 2) it's so darn catchy; and thankfully i don't struggle much with spelling — though when i do thank god for spellcheck! have a lovely weekend.

  20. so do I... I've never been to lago di Como - but the fact that George Clooney is there sometimes makes it more attractive!!! ;)
    looking forward to the post. I also want to post more things these days, but I've got another to weeks of studying to go... can't wait that these horrible days are finally over!

  21. I have a hard time spelling definitely too. Did I spell it right? ;)

  22. i had a bad week also but positivity makes your days better. LOL. cute layout!!

  23. 1) Not sure
    2) Any infomercial - can't stand them!
    3)I have the hardest time with definitely too, I always have to spell check it (yes I had to spell check it just now!)

  24. Ha! This is funny, I'm just like you, can barely spell definitely! Crazy! Lovely blog here, I grew up in Atlanta, and I love all of your pictures! Happy to be your newest follower! XO!

  25. Thanks for stopping by earlier...love your blog girl! You got a new follower!! :)

    Bad weeks are just my thing these days...hahaha...weeks. :(

    Let's see if I can do this here...

    1) Nice and readable handwriting accepted only. Worst of all, the one that once said it has the worst handwriting and I can't read it. Mine is excellent. Not in a conceited way but still I love my handwriting. :) So I wonder why she even came up with that.

    2) Have to agree witht eh 6 Flags one...but over here...it's one about salad dressing. Ridiculous. Won't even go into this.

    3) loose/lose...I always have to think about it twice. ;)

    Happy weekend.

  26. I love your blog! :) Thanks for finding me!


  27. i have never been able to spell "definitely" either!! to the point that i never say it any more. everything is just "def." thanks so much for stopping by my blog! i'm sorry about your crummy wednesday. hopefully this weekend will be nothing less than perfect. xo, h

  28. Weirdest rule...hmmm...I haven't had any "weird" rules really. that I can think of at least.
    Annoying commercial- the gold bond foot cream one!! that might just be because I hate feet though, haha.
    I used to be really bad at spelling "definitely" until I started blogging, I had to etch it in my brain because I use it so much :)

  29. This is so fun!
    Weirdest rule : No high heels!

  30. first i am not working
    second i dont like to watch commercials on tv
    third i wont spell wrong words , b'cos , i am less speaker

    wonderful post i like these questions

    happy weekend

  31. I always have to think when I spell disappear. Go figure!

  32. I used to always spell definitely wrong too! <3

    -Dyanna Pure

  33. 1. I worked as a cashier in a pet store. I was forced to wear a back brace at all times.

    2. I don't have a TV.

    3. I misspell apologize every time. It should have two Ps. It should.


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