Elle Can't Cook: Quick Breadsticks

If you're new to Elle Sees, every week or so I feature something I've cooked, that turned out well, and that people SURVIVED eating. I *usually* try to feature meals that are easy and healthy to cook. It's a long-running joke that I can't cook, hence the title of this post. Enjoy!

Ok, so maybe you're cooking a little spaghetti or some sort of dinner that needs a little extra something. Or the kids need a snack, you don't have long to cook anything AND you haven't shopped for groceries lately. Homemade breadsticks to the rescue! But you wanna make these quickly, easily, and cheaply. Here's how I do it. And they're really tasty! You need--

  • hot dog buns
Seriously. I buy these super cheap for 59 cents or so. I buy them right before their expiration date (if I want them super cheap) and freeze them. I love the wheat ones best, but the regular ones will do in a pinch.

I cut them in half (which equals 4 sticks per bun), brush on some oil or butter substitute (trying to be healthy), and add garlic or garlic powder.

Pop the sticks into the oven under BROIL and watch them cook into golden deliciousness. Or 375 for about 5 minutes if you're bad at watching the oven!

Here they are in a lovely grilled chicken pasta penne dish.

These could be used for bruschetta, as cheesy breadsticks, for dipping with a little marinara, as pizza sticks, with sun-dried tomatoes and cheese, with Italian seasoning, with salt for a sorta-pretzel, as breadcrumbs, or croutons. And of course hamburger buns could be used as a substitute.

Is this something you'd try? How would you eat your breadsticks?

PS--HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my bestie, L, who refuses to allow me to post pics of her on the Web! xoxo


  1. thanks for the tip, i confess i'm no domestic goddess but i try :))
    i like to dip my breadstick either in some creamy soup or just eat it plain, xoxo

  2. pretty sure my husband would freak out over these lol

  3. thanks for sharing! as a college student, there are many days where I just don't have the time to cook or go grocery shopping! ...this'll definitely come in handy, since there's a bakery with AWESOME $1 baguettes right by my bus stop! I'm so excited to try this!

  4. That is such a great tip...I have to do the same....I am so making a note on that!!! Thanks darling and enjoy your day

  5. This is so easy, I would totally do that! I love how they don't look like hot dog buns too, soooo tricky :)

    Xoxo, Ashley

  6. I want the recipe for the grilled chicken penne pasta!!!

  7. Yum! Awesome tip!

  8. yummm! this looks so good!
    thanks for stoping by my blog!


    XO Rye

  9. loving these ideas for the cooking-challenged like myself.

  10. Hot dog buns?? Why didn't I think of that?!? Brilliant!

  11. yum! I can't cook AT ALL, but these seem so easy! I will definitely be giving them a shot soon!

    xo, sarah


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