BEACH WEEK! Outfit of the Week: Beach Ready

Welcome to BEACH WEEK 2010 on Elle Sees. Everyday I'll cover something beachy. Today, is the perfect outfit!

I consider myself something of a beach aficionado, since I grew up near it. As a Southerner, the beach is something that we take seriously (see here  and here), so I wanted to share what I bring with me to the beach.

  • I consider a black bikini to be a super sexy classic. It makes anyone look hot and you can get 'em so cheap! (I'll be wearing a tankini this year though!)

  • A durable beach bag is the ultimate must. Mine's been to several countries and has the sand to prove it!

  • Inside I pack my Ipod (stay tuned for my beach playlist)

  • a trashy summer book (the only place to read one!)

  • sunscreen (the one I use smells like orangesicle!) *note: this is used with caution

  • lip balm with sunscreen (coconut for me) *note: this is used with caution

  • a hat (straw or a ball cap)

  • sunnies (I have a pair that matches every suit. Weird, yes?)

  • black and white towel (to match the bikini ;)

  • hair oil (I love to use the sun and oil as a natual hot oil treatment.)

  • hair elastic (I can't stand my hair touching me when I'm hot)

  • Diet Coke (I drink water too during the day, but I love my DC)

  • a coverup (Mine's from American Eagle and was super cheap)

  • some gold earrings and bangles (if I wanna look super hot)

  • Flip flops (I have a pair just for the beach)

  • a beach chair (see below; it's the best one I've ever used. It holds a drink, has a pocket for a phone/keys, etc. and can lay flat or sit up)

  • a turkey sandwich, fruit, and chips

  • a camera (if there's no pictures, it didn't happen!)

What are your beach essentials? Where are you going this summer?


  1. You pretty much covered it! I love black bikinis...I have a hard time straying. I'm going to Italy and Paris this summer and definitely plan on hitting up the French/Italian Riviera.

    Anna Jane


  2. This summer it's Barbados, The Italian Riviera, Mougin, France and Germany's North Sea. I wear a white bikini at the beach. Black is not too good with heat (Sun).
    For my hair I use a leave in conditioner and let the sun do the rest. I hardly ever wear jewellery beachside, but I love wearing jewellery poolside;-)

  3. Hi Elle, thanks for the feedback that you gave me on my blog, I love your post, you have articulately listed all my summer essentials, xoxo

  4. Hi Elle,

    Hair oil - thats a great tip, I would never think to do that!

    I'm going to Italy this year and a few London trips. Although I won't be wearing a bikini in London :)

    Great post,

    Laura xx

  5. This makes me want to go back to the beach...

    tweet tweet tweet


  6. Great post!! all the essentials! :D
    I'm going to a beach in Rhode Island for a week at the end of the month (I hope...might not be able to because I got a new job)

  7. great post- sounds like you included most of the essentials! i usually bring a fav fashion or gossip magazine with me incase i'm my concentration level is low. i also throw in a thick lulu headband to keep my bangs of my face and my hair out of the way!
    i'm definitely in need of shopping for a new bathing suit. great post!


  8. All the things are a must-have!
    In my summer days, I also drink DC almost one par day! :)


  9. Uhhhh I am making note my darling....What a perfect list!!! Great job:) Kisses and Happy Monday!

  10. SO cute! I need that straw bag and the dress---so cute yet comfy. You have such an eye!

    XX Katie

  11. SO cute! I need that straw bag and the dress---so cute yet comfy. You have such an eye!

    XX Katie

  12. I love your beach week idea! You really have all the things I bring to the beach and then some. I always bring magazines, a book, sunscreen, lip balm, water, a towel and hand sanitizer.


  13. I have never thought of the oil hair and sun combo, very smart!

  14. Great job you covered everything I lovvvvvvvve LOVE the beach thanks for this post I so looking forward to the rest of the week :)


  15. Can't wait for the beach! Good suggestions!




  16. The black and white towel is fab!

  17. Black bikinis = classic, definitely. And I love your inclusion of earrings/bangles. I always wear the biggest, brightest, flashiest earrings possible (without venturing into the absurd), and the beach isn't going to stop me ;)



  18. Love everything on your list!

  19. Dude, a hair oil treatment using the sun is GENIUS!

  20. I guess great minds think alike. Out beach essentials are almost identical!


  21. great suggestions! I just started doing the hair treatment thing this year (I do it with leave in conditioner) it also protects my hair from the salt water. At least I think it does. : )

    I am so with you about finding a grea beach bag. Mine is actually a gardening bag but it works great!

  22. haha if theres no pictures it didnt happen. Love it!


  23. I LOVE these beach essentials! Now I just need to go!


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