Friday Questions!

It's the weekend! Wahoo! It's rainy and nasty out, so I'm wearing yellow to create my own sun. And the sun is making me think of the beach. On June 7-11, I'm having BEACH WEEK on my blog. Daily I'll be featuring beauty, fashion, tips, and products to get you beach ready. I'm super excited and I hope you'll enjoy it! I did a lil sneak peak earlier!
And now, onto the questions for the week! Scroll up, leave a comment, and read mine after the jump!

  1. What word/phrase annoys you? 

  2.  If you could enjoy one meal at any restaurant in the world, where would you eat?

  3.  What do you do to chase the blues away? 

1. "your" when someone means "you're" "could of" when it should be "could have" and "less" when it should be "fewer"
2.U.S.: In-N-Out or Trader Vics Paris: A patisserie along the Seine
3. Anything that makes me laugh always makes me feel better!


  1. Hmm...1..no or can't
    2 Tokyo- sushi bar
    3 chips, smiles and nice people

    Great post, sweetie and I wish you a fun weekend.
    Ps: I am sending some sun over....Hope you get it!

  2. Cute!

    1) I hate that tooo! But I also hate the word, 'juices'. UGGGGH YUCK!

    2) There is this restaurant whose owners I used to nanny for and they would always send me up vegetarian creations. I would kill for their yam and goat cheese stuffed pablano peppers with a glass of reisling.

    3) Dance, meditae, watch Dirty Dancing.

  3. I love Fridays!

    1* extraordinary. it is supposed to mean so amazing, but it's really just saying you aren't just a little ordinary...you are EXTRA ordinary.
    2*market street in salt lake city...best seafood...although i would love to eat in seattle someday & try the real stuff!
    3*hang out with my husband. he always makes me feel like i can do anything.

  4. 1 "feeling froggy? Jump."
    2.Oh Man!! Pretty much anywhere NOT IN AMERICA that serves vegetarian food!
    3.play w my animals.


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