BEACH WEEK/Wanderlust: Morocco Tankini Madness

Alas, BEACH WEEK 2010 has come to a close--I still have some odds and ends I'm posting next week. I appreciate everyone who took the time to comment and view my posts! Do you feel beach ready yet? Can you hear the ocean yet? No, you say? Well, I have one last outfit post for ya. Think of as a bookend! On Monday we started off with the classic bikini outfit. I also showed you "tons" of tankinis. I thought I'd show you a Moroccan-inspired example of what I'm wearing this year, since not all of us can rock a bikini.
  • I love the tankini from Old Navy, again super cheap.
  • I'd wear a black cover up for this.
  • I like the pattern on these sandals.
  • Add a cute beach bag
  • And a sexy cuff bracelet and earrings
  • Keep the eyes hidden with some aviators
  • Moroccan oil in the hair to keep it conditioned
  • Sunscreen and water
  • Some funky blue polish, mascara that everyone's raving about, a little fragrance and lipgloss
  • Ipod, beach mat and a beach ball
What's in your beach bag?

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  1. I could go for a little beach about now. It's raining here. It's always raining here!

    Thanks for your comment. Scared of cats?! Bad experience?

  2. I definitely rock my aviators at the beach.

  3. I really want to try Moroccan oil!

  4. that tankini is super cute...but for some reason that style suit NEVER looks good on me. :(

  5. I am lovng tankinis lately'
    Keep in touch

  6. I love that little black dress and the fun bag!! Kisses darling and have a sunny and relaxing weekend:)


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