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Dear Comcast,
On my blog, ellesees.blogspot.com, I usually post pictures of my weekend adventures. It's something my readers (ok, just me) look forward to each Monday. It just starts the week right and leads to anticipation of the next weekend.

Unfortunately, I was unable to do ANYTHING this weekend but type/drive/call/wait on Comcast to fix my cable. You see, I do not need tv, but I DO need the Internet, and where I live I have to have your bundle services to do this. I don't feel comfortable "borrowing" a neighbor's Internet, nor do I feel comfortable going somewhere with free wi-fi if I'm not purchasing something.

When my cable went out, I chatted with Gifsy from India, Bleie from the United Arab Emriates, and Josey from (I'm not sure where). While I enjoyed getting to know them (since I was talking to them THAT long) and exchanging cultural differences, none could provide me with a solution. After several futile attempts, I was told to go to my nearest cable office. I did, with my cable boxes in tow.
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I was told they did not have my boxes in stock, but here are some. Take 'em! I did. The boxes didn't work. Well, they did until I turned them off and turned them back on. I called and was told that in two days a rep would come there. He did and said that this "happens all the time." Seriously?? My boxes were for the Stone Mt. area apparently. I live in Atl. He installs the boxes and then leaves. They worked until I changed the channel. And now, no sound comes on, and eventhough I called as soon as he left, they couldn't send the rep back to my apt.Someone would be sent, but I haven't heard back from you. I've called, chatted online, driven to the office, and had someone come here. I'm not a satisified customer! I hate you, Comcast, and how I have no choice for other cable services.

Elle Sees

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