Elle's Quick Tips: Hangover Facial Mask

hangover mask

Welcome to 2011! How were your holidays? Also, welcome back to Elle Sees! I decided to change things up around here, and I hope you like the new look. Some features will stay the same, and others will disappear or not show up as frequently. But I hope you continue to show up frequently! Love, Elle

So you threw away the last scrap of wrapping paper, have taken down the decorations, and survived the In-Laws. You need a special treat. Or picture this scenario: you're still feeling the effects from 2010. That NYE party was brutal and you've convinced everyone that you'll never drink again. Whatever the case, this week's QUICK TIP is just for you. I call this a "hangover mask" but have been using yogurt for years for my face. I love the cooling effect of the yogurt and how I feel refreshed after.

  • If you have dry skin, use regular, plain yogurt. Oily skin? Try non-fat plain yogurt. (I have dry skin, so this is what works for me and cannot vouch for the low-fat version.)
  • I use a basting brush to "paint" the yogurt on my face. One small container is more than enough.
  • I put cucumber slices on my eyes--they really work--to help with the puffiness.
  • Lie down for about 15 minutes. Those with sensitive skin may notice a teeny tingle while the yogurt sets.
  • Slice up the rest of the cucumber and add some slices to a glass of ice water for a refreshing drink. Note: this is kinda hard to sip once you have the mask on!
  • Wash and dry face. Enjoy feeling refreshed!


  1. I had way too many glasses of wine.. and wow.. I think I'll use this tip a few times a week, right? I wonder what other benefits it has to perking up my face.. hehe

  2. Such a great tip. Thanks! Happy New Year, sweetie pie
    Wish you an amazing 2011

  3. Such a good idea! It shounds like it would feel incredible after a late night : ) Hope your holidays were great!


  4. Happy New Year!!!!

    Thanx for the beauty tips! Will try that.
    What i really like is a peeling with fresh squeezed lemon and suger, before i put on a mask.


  5. Loving your three column layout!! I don't know how long it's been since I passed by, but hopefully, not too long this year since I'm trying to organize my readings! Hope you had a great NYE!

  6. OMG this is fantastic! I am so trying this when I get home or sometime this week!! Ahh, I can't wait. thanks for sharing and happy new year!


  7. great idea! i've never tried yogurt but i used to do an oatmeal mask which makes your skin so incredibly soft! try it! (new layout is fab btw*) -mariss

  8. awesome tips!

    happy new year :)

  9. Where was this when I was in college?? HAHA

  10. This is a fab idea, my dear -- sounds so soothing!
    xo Josie

  11. I LOVE the new look! And the facial mask sounds fantastic.

    How was the New Years Eve party?!!

  12. hello again!!! i'm back and this is a great idea! i also highly recommend full fat sour cream

  13. I adore do-it-yourself beauty secrets. Thanks!

  14. this sounds great and so easy! I will def be trying it next time I am 'overserved'


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